Skincare in Nigeria: Welcome to Your Aurora- Skincare In Nigeria. “Aurora” is a Latin word; translation- “Dawn” (in English). Your Dawn. This is a community that aims to educate, learn about Skincare and all that it takes to get to your desired Skincare goals; not limited to eating clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Skincare in Nigeria talks about Green beauty, Medical grade skincare, Reviews, Skincare hacks, simple and DIY methods, How-tos and amazing Skincare articles, diversifying into total wellbeing (Self love).

Your Aurora- Skincare in Nigeria consists of DIY (Skin Food/ Green Beauty), Skincare, Lifestyle and Green Food. You will also notice a Skincare Directory (An ecommerce section) that is designed to encourage Skincare manufacturers, retailers and brands reach a wider audience by selling their products on the hub, focusing on b2b interactions and empowerment.

Launched in October 2017, the fast, ever growing community has shown an avid interest in “honest” Skincare and has slowly transitioned into a home and destination for all things relating to Skincare in Nigeria.

Skincare is still green and fast growing in Nigeria. You are encouraged to be part of this journey. Find yourself, enjoy skincare, get amazing results, be aware: it is a journey that starts here. Skincare doesn’t have to be boring.

All views expressed on this site are the author’s own that are for information purposes. There will be no warranties regarding treatments referenced and all reviews are based on the author’s use. You take the sole risk by relying on the reviews as all skin reacts differently. Lastly, there are no in-house dermatologists or medical practitioners (yet) therefore, nothing written on this site shall be misconstrued to be a medical advice or dermatological. Please seek the advice of a Doctor, Aesthetician, Dermatologist or professional if you have concerns.