Glow up 30’s: Anti aging tips -age kept secret for healthy skin &radiance

Glow up 30’s: Anti aging tips -age kept secret for healthy skin &radiance

Anti aging tips for that glow-flawless skin in the 30’s.

What were the best habits of old? Good skin care regimen to prep the skin for 30?

Anti aging tips have been used over time. We have also hoped that the habits of the 20’s included proper routines -moisturising your skin, hydrating and sun-blocking. 
Well if you haven’t, it is not too late to start now! The skin has a way has a way of telling on us. Should yours be the tale of aging woes or the grace in it? Choose..

Anti aging tips have been one of the best kept secrets in maintaining a flawless young looking radiant skin and I am here with a bundle of joy to share a few of them. Don’t tell.
Are the early signs of aging already there? Wrinkles? Some factors cannot play a role e.g genetics, however, these signs will slow down the aging process of the skin and body as well as maintain that flawless skin as you read on.

Anti aging tips

Anti aging tips 101

These anti aging tips are:

1. Don’t forget your vitamins, They are important to skin care and especially, anti aging. While at first, you might have expected me to overflog the importance of eating fruits and veggies, you might also know that Vitamins C and A are essential in anti- aging- Either taken orally or by topical application, this power house that are Vitamins!

Allow me to introduce to you a Vitamin A derivative – Retinoids. Retinoids, either bought OTC or by prescription are essential in battling signs of aging like bosses. No! There are not just great for Acne. These bad boys are highly recommended for achieving a radiant, young, flawless skin. Always use Retinols at night as usage makes the skin, photosensitive.

Constant use of Retinols are guaranteed for an even tone, wrinkle free skin as you age gracefully. I recommend

2. Hydrate- Drink clean water always  Water is  amazing and refreshing. It can make a whole lot of difference in the appearance of the skin. It is one of the under rated anti aging tip of all time. Endeavour to drink water water at room temperature always. Throw in some lemon slices in there, and get the zest!

Anti aging tips

Best kept anti aging tips

3. Maintain a balanced diet- Spoil yourself with all the right classes of food and enjoy the maximum benefits. Vitamins A,B,C, D, E & K? Think antioxidants.Fatty oils? Healthy Oils? Flax seed? Low fat diet products? Stock up your fridge with these food & make meals containing most of these nutrients and I promise you, you won’t regret it. Makes sure to eat them and not leave them to rot. Haha. You might want to read on “You are what’s you eat”

4. Sunscreen- Never go out of the house without applying it on your skin. Sun blocking is a major aspect that needs to be addressed a lot. Anti aging tips cannot be complete without emphasis on daily use of SPF (atleast 30, you can go up to 100). You know what? Just stay out of the sun, really. The UV are damaging to the skin’s elastin & causes discolouration to the skin. It contributes to skin cancer. Sun block!!!!!!

5. Moisturise- Body butters? Healthy Oils? Always moisturise you’re skin. You might want to know what you put on your skin. I do. I mostly DIY with carrier oils and butters.   

Anti aging tips

6. Exfoliate- Get rid of dull, dead skin by exfoliating the skin at most, 3 times a week. Skin build with richness body oils that won’t clog your pores. Exfoliation tends to thin the skin, you should avoid over exfoliation. Dry brushing? Chemical exfoliation? Mechanical exfoliation? AHA (Glycolic & Lactic acids)? BHA (Salicylic acids)? Chemical peels? You are spoilt for choice. Please indulge.

Know when to splurge and when to save. With tons of beauty products on the market, choose the best treatment by checking ingredients.

Enjoy the 30’s life. More youthfulness to your skin!!! ?xx

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