MicroNeedling In Nigeria For StretchMarks

MicroNeedling In Nigeria For StretchMarks

On MicroNeedling: My Experience And The Journey To Fading And Removing Stretch Marks On The Skin.

First of all, regarding MicroNeedling et al of those things that have to do with tiny needles piercing the skin. No bueno! It feels like hell and the phobia is greater than the pain. My threshold of pain ranges from 2 – non existent on a scale of 1-10. Let’s just say.. I side eyed the Derma-roller for a long time before the Aesthetican did his magic with a lot of kindness.

What Is MicroNeedling?

It is simply a collagen induced treatment or therapy that involves puncturing your skin with tiny needles. It is a minimally invasive process (and bloody too) that brings about skin rejuvenation by healing scars, boosting collagen production and improving the appearance of stretch marks. It is only skin deep but the visuals could be graphic.

Derma Roller and Derma Pens are used for this procedure however, Derma roller is the most popular and cost effective Microneedling device. The device is made up of sharp micro fine needles. The diameter of this device ranges from 0.5 – 2.5 millimetres and it feels like pin pricks on the skin but with multiple tiny wounds on the skin surface.

Patience and time are key to achieving significant results. It will help to increase the efficacy of your topical treatments and boost collagen. It is legit and should be used with other topical treatments as it is not designed to work on its own.


After my procedure using a Derma pen, I purchased the Derma Roller from the same Clinic/ Medical Center as prescribed by the Aesthetician. The diameter is 0.5mm

What Are Stretch Marks?

When the skin has been stretched too quickly, it leaves long, narrow streaks and lines on the skin. It could be as a result of puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight loss and weight loss. It is a very common type of scarring in both men and women and could sometimes fade over time.

My Microneedling Experience In Nigeria For Stretch Marks:

After contemplating, I finally booked an appointment at Oasis Med Spa to see a Dermatologist. I got there pretty early and the venue was very decent. I was invited into the Dermatologist’s office and he began the normal protocol. It seemed like a chat which was very relaxing.

After the questions, I was told to fill a form and I was briefed on the procedures. My mood switched when I heard the best procedure would be by Microneedling and I asked if there were medications or topical application that would atleast make it less visible. I had a tall order.

I decided to go for it. I had used Cocoa Butter Therapy, Bio Oil and Rescue Oil but it seemed like there was no difference at all. I have had rapid weight gain and drastic weight loss in record time so I’m not surprised that it took a toll on my skin. I knew I had to do something different and the time had come.

I was taken into a room where I laid down after changing into a white overall.

The derm came in with the same lady that stayed all through the procedure. I showed him the areas I needed work done and expressed my fears about the needles. He laughed and assured me that it wouldn’t be painful. I believed him when he showed me the Dermapen, did a quick check on my arm and asked if the pressure and impact could be tolerated. It was. He proceeded.


Dermaroller by the brand- Dermarollex and Hyaluronic Acid By Oasis Med Spa

After cleaning the area (could have been with Isopropyl Alcohol, I didn’t ask), he applied a colourless and odourless Gel on it which I later found out to be the Hyaluronic Acid pictured above. With a Dermapen (which looks like a jumbo sized pen without the pointy ink but with round multiple needles, looking back at you), he began gently, in circular motions, puncturing the skin and reapplying the gel (read as repetitive over all the areas). This procedure went on for about 45 minutes to the hour and there was blood!!!! It wasn’t messy though, he kept cleaning too and he was really patient.

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I headed to his office for post treatments and all that stuff. I was told that it will take multiple procedures (once a month) to see significant results but I already knew I wouldn’t keep to all my appointment. I disclosed that as well and he was ok with it, as long as I continued Microneedling, if I wanted it gone. It was all my decision and no pressure.

Anyway, after a lot of discussions, he gave me the tools I would require for home treatments and taught me how to use it. I quickly purchased and I went on my merry way.


Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy with Botanical Extracts and Premium Skin Hydrator to improve the appearance and smoothen texture of stretch marks

Microneedling Post Treatment and Follow up:

I also purchased (from his recommendation) a Stretch mark remover that I had to apply in between procedures.

I woke to multiple tiny wounds and blood clot all over my body. I seriously panicked. With all  the skincare routines to heal and make sure my skin appears as beautiful as possible left me feeling defeated. I felt I was back at square one. Would it heal completely without a scar? Would I look spotty? I felt heart broken but luckily, he knew what he was doing and I healed completely.

The second month, I dreaded the procedure because..pain. No problem Sherlock, I kept on with the Hyaluronic Acid and Stretch mark Cream until I gave into it and the Sissy, who’s a Pharmacist, did the second procedure at home and every other month. We were not consistent with other months but there was a difference in the appearance of the stretchies.

In addition to the procedure, I began heavy exfoliation. Glytone shower gel and lotion (it is a very strong exfoliator) were fantastic with the Korean Italy Towel. I was amazed that the skin looked better and I wondered if the routine will be sustainable.

  • How long would I continue the Glytone routine?
  • How long would I continue Microneedling?
  • How long will I continue inflicting pain on myself?
  • How often would I change the Dermaroller (it gets blunt and should also be cleaned properly by an antiseptic, after each use, which was a walk in the park for me).

As an aside, I did see a big difference when I became intentional about making the stretchies less visible. They’re still there, obviously but they are better than it looked a few years ago. Some areas are looking less visible by themselves even without much effort, thankfully.

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