Flawless Skin: How My Skin Got Better

Flawless Skin: How My Skin Got Better

My (not so) quick fix for Flawless skin.

Flawless skin. Glowing skin!! Flawless skin is always in. At work just a few hours ago, a colleague was saying how a baby was born with glass skin and it was so radiant that “she could see everything on it and in it”. She was so delighted. Now I wished that was my baby. Flawless skin is always loved and everyone wants it.

For as long I can remember, I have had pretty good skin. This was not my doing, though. It was also nothing to me. Until I got into boarding school and decided that Nigeria was too hot. I felt moisturising would make me sweat a lot and so, I thought it wise to skip that. This was a fundamental mistake I made. Fast forward to six years, there was a tremendous difference in my skin texture, complexion and overall appearance.

After a few years in England while studying at the University, I also did some more damage to my skin. I was also using “whatever” because I loved skincare products anyway and didn’t care for a proper regimen or use.

I can easily tell you I’ve been through stages but one thing is, while my skin has always been as well behaved as a teenager, the difference in my early twenties were enormous and that good skin died a horrid death.

Going back memory lane, I have learnt one thing in Skincare: Consistency.

I was shocked when I got back from Mauritius in May 2017. As I resumed at the office, I got a lot of “your skin looks nice”. “You are “shining”. “Your skin is brighter”.

I remember I made a pact to myself to be healthier, eat right, take care of my skin and a host of other things I challenged myself to. You know “baby girl goals”. This wasn’t so effective in skincare until I got things right.

I finally reflected on what difference made those exclamations.

I bought a body shop loofah in transit because I forgot mine whilst packing. It felt abrasive at first use. Who would have thought that loofah would exfoliate my skin so well and make all the difference?

So I’d say:

Know Your Ingredients

After exfoliation, everything felt different. I also ditched all the products I had and created a proper regimen with exfoliation as the Key!!!

My cleanser was pretty much the same. I got a good toner and I know the wonders of Vitamin C Serums. This also became part of my regimen. All my lovely moisturizers that smelt yummy were also ditched. I began using oils and checking ingredients that worked well for my skin: Water, Pine Bark Extracts, Licorice (to brighten up my skin), Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA & BHA: these are exfoliants), Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid (as my skin was dehydrated due to years of lack of moisture). I used more “SkinFoods” and after six weeks, the hydration shot up and texture improved significantly.

Build Your Perfect Regimen

Flawless skin

Skincare regimen for 6weeks / 2 months before a switch in regimen.

I quickly noticed that I had a number of products to use and I knew I shouldn’t mix everything up because it reduces the efficacy of another product. So I always ensured to give it ample time to dry off before applying another product. This is layering.

I also used chemical peels, another form of exfoliation for my feet especially for days I felt like a lazy day skincare routine and Micellar water to take off my makeup. Oh Flawless skin.


The urge to see results is overwhelming but come to think of it, you can not successfully undo a damage in a day, right? In skincare world, you actually need to give your skin time to shed off dead skin and cell turnover. Then the new “baby skin” gets revealed and it doesn’t end there. Six weeks is the quickest with good exfoliation. I am not saying you should scrub your skin harder or use peels everyday but longer instead, while avoiding abrasive products and harsh ingredients.

Of course,  the skincare products and ingredients can be daunting and confusing, which is why you need to know your ingredients and keep it simple.

Lastly, I’d want you to know that all skin types are different. I have an oily T Zone with dry skin so it is a combination. You should take the skin type quiz to determine your type of skin and speak to a dermatologist.

Be open minded, don’t be keen on a particular brand and always know that luxury products might be as effective as drugstore/ Inexpensive products. Just know your ingredients, exfoliate, use a sunscreen, get a power house like Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)/Vitamin C Serums and Retinols (a derivative of Vitamin A) and be a baby girl.

I am far from where I should be but I’m getting there xx

Your Aurora

SHE is a Lawyer and Procurement advisor. With an avid interest in skincare and beauty, lifestyle, health and general well-being, I am the author and content creator of YourAurora.

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