Aztec Clay Mask: Clay Gimmick or Clay Gimme

Aztec Clay Mask: Clay Gimmick or Clay Gimme

Clay Mask: The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. What is really the hoo-hah about this products?

I remember going on Amazon and I found this product. Usually, there are over a gazillion products on Amazon. I find all kinds of ways to filter all the products so I am really mindful of straying eyes but this one product with over 12,000 reviews on Amazon of which, over 80% are five -star reviews.

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This Clay Mask basically vacuums your pores out and with my combination skin, I had excessively dry skin after first use. I forgot to moisturize. This was over a year ago. Sigh!!! There’s more…

Um..What’s actually in this product?

Clay Mask

While some Amazon reviewers swear it helped with Acne, it is made of natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. It can be used as a foot bath and for clay baths…. How sway. 

This product comes in a one pound tub for $9. That’s relatively big for 4K Naira. It is in powder form that is brown in colour. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is labelled gaining the “world’s most powerful facial.” Putting it on your skin, you can feel your skin Pulsate!!! Just wow!!!

I would say it does an amazing job at deep cleansing the pores and the instructions in the jar tells to use non metal utensils. I particularly use a face brush and a glass bowl to do a decent mixture, creating a paste.

How does this Clay Mask work?

Clay Mask

The Juggarnut of all Clay Masks in simple powder form.

Thanks to the Bentonite Clay, The molecules in Aztec clay carry a negative electron charge (say what now?). The stuff that is stored in your skin has a positive charge. Now, when you apply a Clay Mask on your face, all the impurities (um toxins, fungi, bacteria and excess oil- which isn’t actually a toxin) gets drawn out of the skin, and gets on the clay. The exchange is done because the nourishment of the clay gets on the skin.

Ah, Cleopatra is fond of using Clay masks too. She had been committed to beautiful skin.

How to use Aztec Clay Mask:

Clay Mask

A rich paste using water and the actual Bentonite clay

Its nothing fancy but straight to the point. While following the instructions on the tub is ideal, I usually make a paste of water (you can use Apply Cidar Vinegar too) and the clay in the tub using a glass bowl and face brush (you can use a clean old foundation brush if you like).

Once the paste is made, I apply the product on my skin and allow it work it’s magic. It absorbs excess oil and shrinks the pores. I actually don’t leave it to dry up on my face, making it difficult to smile or move the facial muscles. I observe carefully, as soon as the products begins to dry up (via evaporation and absorption), I wash off immediately with luke warm water and moisturise generously.

It works great, guys!!! It’s no jokes.

This is a good product and I would continue clay masking until I have used up all the products.

It will remain a staple on my dresser.

Do you Clay Mask? How do you get it on and how effective is it?

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