Beauty Oil: Ten Unbelievable Facts

Beauty Oil: Ten Unbelievable Facts

Ten Unbelievable Facts About Beauty Oil (s)

That was me back in the days. Beauty Oil?What?! Oil? “Omg, what’s that?”. “I’d look greasy!”. “I’d sweat a lot”. “It’ll clog my pores!”. “It’s too hot for that”.

I had a gazillion reasons why I chose not to moisturise my skin. In fact, one look at body lotion would make me shudder. Talk about oil. Beauty oil. What’s that? On my skin? Heck no!

Guess what?

This might not be what you’d love to read but we are here to provide facts always. Truth is, most oil would break you out and block your pores. Shockingly, most of your favourite beauty oils would not make the most ideal choice for skin care.

Beauty oil

I made a face oil serum

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Unbelievable Facts About Beauty Oils

1. These oils can make your treatments or products a waste of resources: The beauty of oil is locking up moisture in your skin. It is thick and protective, thereby, acting as skin’s protector. This is another reason skin building is recommended, using oils and butters. In all that good stuff, using oils as the first thing on your skin after shower is a no no. Oils are occlusive and not hydrants. This means they serve to seal up moisture in the skin, not drawing water to it like Glycerin or Hyaluronic acids. Go ahead and apply every other product and occlude with beauty oils.

2. My beloved Coconut Oil– Guys, it’ll clog your pores: There are different types of oil, and while some are recommended for oil your skin due to the unique rate of absorption; that same oil would clog the pores of another due to its occlusive properties and ratio of Essential fatty oil. Non-comedogenic oils are uniquely made not to clog your pores e.g- Hempseed oil, Jojoba and Grapeseed while the other, Comedogenic oils has Thebes unique thick formula that can not help but clog your pores  eg- Coconut oil and mineral oils such as baby oil.

3. Oils are rich in antioxidants and amazing in anti-aging: These oils will make you cry when comparing their benefits to moisturisers and the prices paid for doing exceptionally nothing. Enter Marula oil.

This bad boy is an antimocrobial, nin-comedogenic oil. It is a South-African oil, derived from seeds. It boasts of unique rejuvenating properties formulated for stretch marks, scarred skin, dry & dehydrating skin and a preferred alternative to Argan oil. This Miracle oil is loaded with Vitamins C & E and essential fatty acids. Think Rosehip & Sunflower Oils.

4. Acne fighter– Shocking!!! I know loads of people look at me funny when I tell them to moisturise they faces and they’ve got acne. They don’t want to hear it but I’d always tell them that moisturising your face is essential even if you’ve got acne and/or have acne prone skin. Lack of moisturing would trick the skin to believe it is dry. The skin therefore, produces it’s own oil usually in surplus. There goes a clogged skin. And Acne overload. Tackle acne with Tea Tree Oil but do a patch test on a part of the skin to see its reaction.

5. Oil cannot substitute a “moisturer”..except it’s non comedogenic and it’s application in skincare regimen comes before a sunscreen. You should try Sweet Almond Oil. Test this hybrid putting oil on tissue. Anything after that doesn’t get soaked in.

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6. Hair oil matters too: Not all oil is recommended for hair application. Castor oil works great on the hair and so does Coconut  oil. Your scalp would need more nourishment for vitality. Skin lustre can be obtained from using Jojoba and sweet almond oil from the root to its tip, working with small quantities.

7. Facial oil- Facial oil and body oils are different, except you use really light oil. Typically, facial oil should be really light so it doesn’t leave the face oily and greasy. A glowing radiant face is not the same as an oily face. Learn the difference. Use squalane oil (obtained from olive oil) for your face. 

This is one of the best “oil” out there. It is actually not an oil. Highly recommended luxurious silky, softening oil -like liquid. It helps fortify the skin’s lipid barrier to improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity and radiance. Lightweight, odourless and naturally sourced. Rapidly absorbs into skin it does not create a surface barrier like an oil, allowing skin to breath. Moisturises and helps prevent water loss below skin. It is derived from farmed, naturally-sourced, sustainable sugarcane. To use: Apply morning and evening as a treatment or moisturiser. Use 1 drop on face, sparingly on body, elbows, cuticles, damp or dry hair.

I cannot do without that. I use it every day without fail.

8. Cleansing oil- Yes, there are cleansing oils and it is amazing for the skin to take off makeup or break out. These are fantastic because it’s oil, mixed with your natural oil is an amazing chemistry to radiating skin.

9. Dry Skin healer– apply the heavy oil on dry skin for instant moisture. While some might be greasy, like Sunflower oil, it helps achieve the moisture and relief the skin has been needing. Alternatives are Avocado oil and Rice bran oil.

10. Mineral oils are useless– well, great stuff, it’s not going to kill you, but it wouldn’t do anything either. Super affordable and super useless to skin nourishment. The skin has it’s called cells, so it’s alive. Feed it with nourishing healthy oil and it’ll thank you later. Throw away that baby oil except it’s got it’s other purpose out of skin care.

What are your holy grails of Beauty oils? Please share your regimen. Did any Beauty oil break you out?


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