Body butter cream: I made the Orange Blossom and Rose Water Body butter without Emulsifiers and Beeswax

Body butter cream: I made the Orange Blossom and Rose Water Body butter without Emulsifiers and Beeswax

Body butter cream.
Homemade Body Butter (Orange Blossom and Rose Water Body butter) – Cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, Aloevera Gel and Hydrosols.

Body butter cream is usually a lot different because they combine oils (with butters) and water. This means you can’t keep if too long. Mostly because this has no preservatives. I love making my butters and lotions. I am also particular about the ingredients I use. This is because I’m fussy about almost everything. From textures, to smell and ingredients. With different types of skin, comes different types of butters. Now it’s the Orange Blossom and Rose Water Body butter with Butters. All these floral waters are called Hydrosols.

Right now, I have very little of the body butter I made the other day- Coconut + Jasmine body butter. I only used Shea butter and coconut oil + Jasmine Essential oil, Lavender & Rosemary Essential oil

This time is a little different. I used Aloevera Gel, Rose + Orange Blossom water and some Essential Oils.

Body butter cream

Why did I choose these?

Raw Unrefined Cocoa Butter

It comes in pale yellow colour and it is from cocao. Cocoa bean. Smells like Cocoa or Chocolates and it is not particularly pleasant to me, just like Shea Butter but the skin LOVES IT. It is loaded with  healing properties and it is extremely meltable. It naturally heals dry skin, fights signs of aging, restores the skin’s suppleness, enhances a glowing skin, excellent for stretch marks and heals burns, scars and infections. It is amazing for treating Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Orange Blossom and Rose Water Body butter

Cold Pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Premium Unrefined Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerin & Rice Bran Oil. Notice the virgin coconut oil on the left

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

I would rather cold pressed oil for homemade stuff than Unrefined, virgin ones. This is simply because, it doesn’t change with the room’s temperature. I refer the base oils from Plant’s Therapy. They have an amazing line of base and carrier oils. Cold pressed oil doesn’t solidify if the room is cold, nor affects the texture of the butter. It is also Unrefined, Unprocessed and undeodorized like the normal virgin coconut oil. It has same amazing benefits as virgin coconut oil.

Body butter cream

Aloevera Gel

Excellent for healing sunburns. It is used in healing chronic skin problems and wounds. It is also anti-inflammatory if it’s organic. I always use organic products for maximum benefits. It significantly reduces acne.


– Orange Blossom Water: It is distilled from bitter Orange Blossom and used to flavour salads and cocktails. It contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant and amazing for all skin types, even mature skin. It is rejuvenating, soothing and uplifting + it’s delicate fragrance is almost all you need. It is excellent for fighting acne and it is extremely refreshing as a hydrolat. It’s sweet floral fragrance is used in making perfumes too and really soothing.

– Rose Water: It is an incredible skin toner, hydrating facial mist and excellent at combatting acne. It is good for softening the skin and fighting signs of aging. Matter of fact, the use of Rose Water goes back in time before the establishment of the Roman Empire. Cleopatra was believed to use it as part of her skincare regimen. It is really really refreshing.


Pine Bark – This is a holy grail and secret ingredient. You can find the details in the previous post.

Vegetable Glycerin- This is an amazing products that has helped my post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. It is a must have. I’ve had a couple and never used it until I decided to on a random day, now I’m hooked on it. It’s a humectant and my body needs it always. You can use it directly on the skin and there is an immediate effect of soft, supple, glowing and hydrated. It draws water from the atmosphere and locks in moisture. It is extremely powerful and used in major skincare/ beauty products.

Essential Oils

Ylang Ylang & Geranium were used. What a sweet and divine combo. The smell is to die for lol. Ylang Ylang is a miracle oil. The flower of flowers. It’s origin, Ylang Ylang, gives its oil that sweet, rich, powerful, gorge fragrance. It is an anti depressant, aphrodisiac,  antispasmodic, antiseptic oil and  makes an excellent blend with the expensive Sandalwood. It has the same properties as Rose Geranium. Ylang Ylang oil is one of the major ingredients used in main classic and legends of perfumes like Chanel No. 5! It gives a youthful glow and a fantastic mood enhancer.

Sandalwood- Achieve clarity, calmness and focus with Sandalwood EO. It has a sweet fragrance used in beauty products and as a base for perfumes and incense. It is an astringent, antiseptic, memory booster and anti-aging EO.

Vetiver– This lovely oil helps with anxiety. It is also known as the Oil of Tranquility. Helps slow down the signs of aging, a mood enhancer, heals scars and marks on the skin and like wine, it gets better with age, just like Patchouli & Sandalwood.

All these oils are actually YUM 💜💜💜

I hope you enjoyed this article on Body butter cream? Please share tips or otherwise. I’ll be happy to hear from you x

Ingredients for the Body butter cream

1/2 tea spoon- Orange Blossom Water and Rose Water
3 drops- Vegetable Glycerin
3 drops- Vetiver, SandalWood, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium respectively
3/4 cups- Unrefined cocoa butter
A pinch- Coconut Milk
1/2 spoons- Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)
2 drops- Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil


Melt your butter in a double boiler or Bain Marie, use low heat
Add base oils and Vitamin E, allow to melt and stir lightly
Remove from heat to cool off. You could use a food processor or heat proof utensil
Refrigerate for 10 minutes to allow the thick creamy texture for whipping off!!!
Take out from fridge (it must not be frozen or hard but a creamy and thick texture)
Add Essential oils and whisk. Use a mixer if possible. Using your hand and fork is fine but be ready for a workout session
Continue to whip and slowly add hydrosols. Water and oil do not mix and there is no preservatives in this batch, so use very little.
Add Aloevera Gel. You’ll notice the mixture thickens.
Whip at high speed until soft and fluffy
Transfer into a sterile cute jar and keep in fridge. Label jar and put a date on it.

Use this Body butter cream accordingly.


Always refrigerate your Body butter cream💜💜

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