Cracking 2018 Trends on Skincare

Cracking 2018 Trends on Skincare

Skincare Trends 2018, Here’s what to expect

Skincare trends of 2017 was fantastic. Now let’s focus on Skincare Trends 2018 as the year isn’t gradually winding up…Yay!!!

We were curious about what would dominate the skincare, beauty and fashion industry in 2018 and these trends were good enough to wet our whistles.

The new trend – Skincare Trend 2018

Flawless bare skin

Yeah! Watch out for bare natural complexion and skin without heavy makeup. Enhance your feature with natural sheer or luminous sophisticated skincare regimen and tools. Examples would be liquid exfoliators, hyaluronic acid serums, Vitamins and double cleansing. Stay at the top of your game   And don’t forget the entire body. 

Beautiful Nail Art

Thanks to social media for being ahead of it, dominated in the beauty category are the most beautiful nail art to covet. From Autumn hues to minimal sophicated French Tips, enhance your features with ombré and crystal designs. The best part is letting your imagination run wild and keep your fingers looking beautiful.

Double Cleansing and Hyaluronic Acids 

Great start to glass skin involves double cleansing the skin with Micellar water & non foaming facial cleansers. Hyaluronic acids are great to draw moisture to the ski n, keeping it supple and hydrated all day long. These will dominate the skincare world. Watch these sweep the shelves. 

I would keep an eye on beauty gadgets and tools to make application easier, This is about ten times more effective than manual cleansing. IT is highly recommended to use these for make up removals and allow the skin base to be ready to absorb moisturers, Serums & healthy natural acids.


Bold lips & Pop Eyeshadows

Ironical with the bare face, huh? Watch out for trends on bold red Lippies. Get your sparkle on with glitters and glittery eyeshadows. Use proper ones to avoid looking funny though and settle for subtle nudes when unsure. Going overboard, you ask? Ofcourse!!!! Unleash your inner artistry with jewels and gems across the eyelids & get the fire with a bold statement lip color like the Candy Yum Yum of yonder, thanks to MAC! If you feel a little cheerful, try a deeper hue like a deep red lippie and gold glitter and stunt on them all… Yas!!

Skincare trends 2018

Proper Grooming for Men

No, well groomed man Men are not vain. Good grooming for all gender is extremely important. Great stuff, men are now at the top of their games with good grooming, even the Beardgang!!! A good way to get this is by using the Braun Series 3 shave and style. Get it for your man! It’s a very easy way to incorporate good grooming into his regimen. Stun together, boo!

Get the Glow

Don’t be left out glowing skin. This is always in vogue all year round and there is no stopping! Exfoliate and moisture. Double cleanse and use acids. Drink water!!!!!

So I just bought this wonder to help with my regimen. This wet and dry epilator is great for preventing ingrown hair after shaving. The gentle exfoliation brush is ideal for refining the skin. I found the shaving head useful for sensitive areas. The deep massage pad enhances circulation of blood. Like dry brushing. The foundation of everyone life is critical. With this, once the basics are great, the rest is easy. Boost your confidence in glowing skin you so desire and be an inspiration to others. Finish off with you best moisturizer.


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