Wall Shelving Beginners guide

Wall Shelving Beginners guide

Wall Shelving for beginners 

Since we are in the DIY section, I’d love to share a DIY simple installation- Wall Shelves. Wall shelving is pretty simple

Just going straight to the point, this is simply for concrete walls. Not drywall or plastic walls or brick walls.

Concrete walls are pretty hard to drill. The Carbide drill is the only drill bit that can go into concrete walls. That’s the only reason I chose that.

So yeah, the things I used

Ikea Floating Shelf (It came with its screws) but not the anchor for the walls

Drill bits – Bosch Tungsten carbide tipped

Hammer drill  (I used a normal drill instead)

A screw driver

Tapcons / Heavy duty wall anchors

Expansion Screws

Pictures are in the exact order


SO: How did I do it?

Wall Shelving might require a certain kind of expertise especially when drilling concrete walls.

You would need to know the size of screws and anchors strong enough to hold the weight of the shelf. You don’t want it coming down on you later.

The diameter of the drill bit must match the size of the hammer drill so it wouldn’t be useless. If it’s loose, it’s not safe and I wouldn’t clutch when pulled (the trigger).

Knowing these, everything else was basic. Starting out by using a pencil to mark the exact spots where the screws would be inserted to hold and attach the brackets to the wall:

Wall Shelving

No it’s not a dryer, boo!

1. I used the Carbide drill bit with the Hammer drill (driver) to drill the wall, only a little bit. About an inch.

I chose an inch (in length) because the  length of the initial hole should be shorter than the screw.

This will allow the screw to firmly go into a tighter space, bearing its own little tiny tip. For firmer grip. After drilling, take out the excess dust with a vacuum cleaner. Ok?

2. I figured the hole was a little wide. I used the anchor plugs to use up the space. I only put very little pressure to have it in.

3. I used the screw driver, holding up the brackets (the bracket had holes to link the screw into the wall) and drove the screws into the wall. That was also into the anchor. I did this at both ends as two holes were created at both ends

4. When I confirmed it was firm, I used the screw driver to attach shelf to bracket, screwing the top with its screws (the screws came with it)

Voila!!! It was done in 10 minutes and it is really sturdy.

I also realised that I could contact a handyman to get it done but then again, you never know when you’d be need to get some work done yourself without hurting your pearls.

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