Natural Black African Soap

Natural Black African Soap

The natural black African soap- Excellent for acne and break outs too.

Let me not kid you, the internet is full of hype and sometimes, the credibilities of reviews are questionable due to the fact that many are paid to give great reviews on products, which can be quite misleading. This made me pump my brakes when reading and a high level of discretion is used when assimilating some blog contents and articles.

One thing I read and purchased, after some researches were done, is the natural African black soap.


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The black soap, which is popularly known as the African Black Soap, is made from natural ingredients: the ash of locally, naturally harvested plants and barks. These include plantain, palm tree, Shea tree bark and pods of cocoa.

Typically, the natural African black soap is made in West Africa. Usually, Ghana. Ideally, as the name implies, the soap should be made from natural ingredients and luckily, some brands take cognisance of this when whipping up a delicious recipe, while others use artificial ingredients.

The real question now is: what colour is the natural African black soap? I have seen charcoal black and brown black soaps. The colour of the real soap, is actually BROWN, ok?

natural black African soap

Black soap from Tidesmark in Lagos and Fig Tree in Lekki phase 1

I purchased these two black soaps: the left was purchased from Tidesmark in Lagos for N500 only (and I got an extra one, free- basically, two soaps were gotten for the price of N500). The second one was bought from Fig tree health shop in Lekki phase 1 for N2,500. I wonder why it was at that price, this could be because of the lightening ingredient- Tumeric.

The reason I purchased it and true to it, it gently cleanses my skin without stripping it of the natural oils. Skin feels so clean afterwards and heals the dryness of my skin. The plantain extract makes it antibacterial and amazing for treating acne.

The Tidesmark’s natural black African soap is still in use and it’s fragrance is pretty light. It is amazing for treating breakouts and it cleared some light scars significantly however, the Fig tree Tumeric brightening soap (natural black African soap) was given to a friend who had severe acne and post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). It was easy to let go because, as a DIY lady, I could easily whip up a Tumeric soap with the natural soap+ turmeric powder and oil.

natural black African soap

This wonderful Tumeric oil. Tumeric smells like curry but thanks to Eden’s Garden for making it fresh and a bit less than curry. I don’t walk around smelling like food

She got clearer skin like it was magic + she brightened and lightened two shades. I screamed!

If you’ve got acne or skin conditions, this is an amazing soap to help treat your skin with, collaborating with other topical products, post shower.

If you intend to go the natural and organic route, this is also for you. As you get older, you might want to cut back on the amount of toxins and chemicals you put on your skin.

Tidesmark Black soap comes in a brown wrapper so I store it securely in a sealed plastic bag.

Please note that some black soaps have high amounts of glycerin. Keep that in mind especially if you are allergic to it.

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