Essential Oils: Eden’s Garden Review

Essential Oils: Eden’s Garden Review

Review: Essential oils By Eden’s Garden


 I am not an affiliate nor connected to Eden’s Garden in any way. It’s my honest review on purchased products. 

Essential oils are a blend of natural oils obtained from the plant itself through distillation and it contains the oils of these plants, leaves, flowers, resins, seeds and nuts in its purest form.

As it ought to be, these natural oils are to be natural without any mix in them. The beautiful thing about essential oils in that it connects the body to the mind.


Essential oils ultimately, are pricey. This is because they are at the rawest form. It also provide the body with optimum vitality and should never be compromised.

Essential oils

Eden’s Garden

A blend of few essential oils can provide adequate healing capacities and could be used as an aphrodisiac. I’m here to give you the blends you will enjoy using on your homes and on your body.

 I have been a victim of dodgy essential oils that resulted in near fatal incidents, destroyed my diffuser and burnt my skin but thanks to the knowledge of essential oils, my skin bounced back in record time and there’s no scar to show for it. 

The first encounter and choice use is via aromatherapy and it is no surprise because the notes from essential oils are alluring and captivating, leading to a burst of emotions. The nose has gifted us with the ability to smell which is the most sensitive of all five senses. Smell can spark in us, all kinds of emotions such as childhood memories or the smell of home and the smell of freshly baked cookies/ bread.

Essential oils are very therapeutic, having antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antifungal properties. Incredibly, they have vitamins (and organic compounds) because some are extracted from plants and roots. The Vitamins provides the adaptogens that increase homeostasis, working through the nervous system. A few drops can give a fantastic effect on spiritual, sensual, health, emotional, physical and physiological wellbeing. The Vitamins are great for the skin as antioxidants.

My Review

Knowing the strengths of Essential Oils, I have always used a couple on a daily basis to boost my mood, help slow down aging process on the skin (thanks to its non greasy formula) and enjoy its alluring scents.

I always ordered online and woe to hades, the store stopped shipping to my country of residence and I laughed in victory a few months later, when I purchased essential oils from Eden’s Garden.

It was particularly disappointing, when I tried to purchase from other stores online and I’ve counted my losses as a learning curve. Resources wasted too and my skin paid for it. Thank goodness I didn’t die off inhaling dodgy, toxic, pretend essential oils but it’s early years, right?

At first, it came through the post and I opened a fanciful, thoughtful thankful note with my purchase details. I refused to be impressed by its beautiful packaging, hoping this purchase wouldn’t ruin the new diffuser.

Essential oils

Eden’s Garden

The difference between absolutes and essential oils is the method of obtaining the oil. Absolutes are obtained through solvent extraction. … Steam distilled Rose essential oil (also known as Rose Otto) has a very different aroma than Rose absolute, and is not as desirable in perfumery as Rose absolute is-Eden’s Garden

I purchased an absolute with it, 5ml costing about $36. 50ml at about $59. This causes a lot of exposure as most brands usually sell diluted absolutes or mixed with God-knows-what. Imagine the Rose Otto selling at $18 for 50ml. No it’s not a great buy. No, you didn’t get lucky, you might have just played yourself!

After using Essential oils from Eden’s Garden for three weeks, I can confidently tell you it is what you need. The oils are of a pure, smooth consistency and very light. The smell is the most divine I’ve ever enjoyed. I use it for DIY bath scrubs and body butters including Jasmine and my skin has been at its best form, I get compliments from time to time.

My home is filled with warm and homely feminine allure that keeps me locked indoors for days until I get a cabin fever. Lavender, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Vetiver, Patchouli & Lemongrass are my faves for now. A lot of colleagues have asked what perfume I wear just because I used a few drops in my DIY body butter. I also love the Vanilla! There is a certain coziness to the aroma of Oleoresin Vanilla. Think fresh baked cookies or rich sundaes. It’s creamy aroma relieves anxiety and stress while acting as a Pheromone.


My DIY days will be absolutely enjoyable and encouraging with these babies. I have found the essential oil haven and I am not turning back!  Thankfully they’re on sales. It’s time to replenish my stock!!!! I will be giving tips on blends and synergies using this brand.

Have you tried testing either of these products yet either from EO or another? Love Essential Oils? Sound off in the comments below!

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