Focus: Fresh Skin Challenge

Focus: Fresh Skin Challenge

 Fresh Skin 2017 Q4- A different look at skincare 

We all want that fresh skin, don’t we?

We start out our day with a fresh look on life. Ok we go to the bathroom, we desire a fresh start. We pull out a laundry bag of products and start the routine. The main goal is to achieve a flawless skin and healthy glow.

Serums here, cleansers there, oh the eye cream. Snail secretions slathered where we deem fit. Gosh, I’m overwhelmed thinking of the routine. I know I need to get this game right. Should it be this tasking?

Ive heard that I should always do the things I love. It’s the only way to be persistent without getting bored of it. Seemed like murky waters? It should not be so.

A lifetime journey should be fun. We have different ways to introduce fun into our lives. Let’s start with this different perspective.

This refreshing exercise should lead to a burst of colors. When you look into the mirror and the person starring back at you is celebrity status amazing, you feel you’ve conquered the world. This propelled me into this challenge, intending to turn it into something incredible. Are you in?

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For this, give it 5 days only. All that is required, is to skip the usual skin care routine.  Say hello to a simple, productive 3-step regimen. It is incredibly safe and easy.

Here is what I’ll be using :

Fresh Skin

When in doubt, DIY

Interested parties, please contact me

While we do this together, there’s a pressie awaiting the most consistent participant. Just let me know your routine and how you achieved it. It must be a 3-step routine.

What happens when you fill the forms?

 There will be a simple list of products to use, which you might already have). Tips and inspirations. Refresher sticky notes Yummy recipes – Daily guide. 

Indicate if you’ll need a list of food ingredients (whole food) to boost your regime. You are what you eat, you already know.

Have you asked- Do I need this?

A reset is always amazing. WE do that with phones and every other thing we could possibly be reset. Even the brain wishes it had that capacity.

Your skin needs that too. Take a moment, take a break, switch things up. See your results. It’s only 5 days. It is FREE as most good things in life, except a Chanel bag but you will LOVE IT!

Get that fresh skin out.

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SHE is a Lawyer and Procurement advisor. With an avid interest in skincare and beauty, lifestyle, health and general well-being, I am the author and content creator of YourAurora.

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