How to choose Mr Right- By J. Blunt

How to choose Mr Right- By J. Blunt

Things to consider when picking Mr Right– By Joe Blunt

Hello ladies we are in one of those months when proposals fly like birds and knees touch the ground.

Now before I continue I need to first say that I do not believe in the term “Mr. Right”. I’ll explain that in a later article.

So sit back and let’s chat about what you need to consider before you say ‘YES’. Guys you might want to look elsewhere because this isn’t going to be so pleasant to read. So he gets on one knee after some cheesy and corny setup just to make you feel like he really put in some effort.

Please don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. Close that jewelry box, help him get on his two feet and begin to assess the following.

Mr Right

First of all, how well does he know you? Yes people evolve everyday so change is inevitable. Your life partner does need to know you well to a certain degree. Especially your likes and dislikes, how to resolve conflicts with you, your goals and dreams and what makes you who you are.

My apologies, but if he doesn’t know these, DON’T BOTHER.


Secondly, has he got substance? Oh dear this is where most guys fail. Notice how I use the word ‘guys’ and not ‘men’. A real man will excel at that but a guy who wants to continue being a guy, won’t.

A guy is a male in the adult form who really hasn’t matured and is way too casual with life. So instead of still calling him a ‘boy’ you call him a ‘guy’.

Please if he is still a ‘guy’ DON’T BOTHER.

Which brings me to this, how matured is he? Now for you ladies who are matured in thinking and ambitious listen up. You need to be extremely careful.

Not every man of means is actually matured. We live in troubling times, where men or guys are seriously lacking in the mental and intellectual department. The result of wrong decision is a frustrating mental deficit at home.

A man as a natural leader of the household needs to be ambitious, matured and a deep thinker for there to be balance and sanity. If he isn’t DON’T BOTHER. No Mr Right

Speaking of ambitious, I’ll like to go to this point. You need a man with ambition. A man with a vision.

A man who is working. I repeat a man who is WORKING. There is a difference between work and a job.

He can be fired from his job but not his work. If LeBron James got fired from his team he would go play for another because Basketball is his work. A man who knows his work is guided by a purpose in life which he has found and which you can assist him with.

He has a vision for himself and his family which the two of you can build on. There is great joy in building empires together. If he can’t show you his ambition, DON’T BOTHER.
And I will close it out with this last point. If he cannot write out his 50 year plan for you, please do not even consider saying YES. What’s Mr right again?

Mr Right

I mean I’m not the best of men but I do have a 50 year plan which I visit daily and look to implement after walking down the aisle. Before a business starts, a business plan is usually drawn up.

Before a football team heads into the field, plans have been drawn up and discussed. The same needs to happen in a marriage, as it involves a lifetime. Gents, listen, most women are natural incubators.

When you give them something they give it back to you in a better and much refined form. So when you draw up a plan and hand it to them, a good woman will always be able to point out potentials and make you aim higher with your goals.

Besides, a woman who would give a monthly reminder and ‘Where Are You Now’ assessment is needed to keep one focused.

Ladies if the man doesn’t have one, DON’T BOTHER.

I think I have said way too much. I hope my points have been useful. I look forward to the comments and hate mail. Men know who you should be. And ladies, know who you are looking for. You are worth more than money can buy!

What is your idea of Mr Right?

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