The Non Skincare Wishlist By Micheal Iregbu

The Non Skincare Wishlist By Micheal Iregbu

The Tall Christmas List

What’s on your Christmas List?

The Christmas List! Alas! It is that time of the year when we deck the halls with boughs of holly. I’m skipping right past Thanksgiving and straight into Christmas. As we remember our Christmas lists, our loved ones and the new year awaiting us, I found one, not written but pondered on.

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Then, in the midst of day-dreaming & planning my short vacay, I wondered the perfect country for the holidays, away from all the noise I refused to get accustomed to, “buzz, buzz!!” went my phone.

I’ve got mail.

Quickly getting up to see what goodness my emails ushered, I received an amazing “word text” kind of attachment.

Then comes a jolly fellow, my colleague and friend- “Did you get my email?”.

Now sitting upright to know what exactly he was on about, and how much more I had to close out before dipping, I shot blank stares.

I promised to read it up later. Fast-forward to 10 hours later, the insomniac in me awakened.  I opened that article and remembered the banters we shared especially because I know he mentioned something in the not-so-near future, I couldn’t phantom.

He titled his article:


Again, this is not about skin care. What is this Christmas List?

I sat up and read. If you’ve been to Nigeria, you might understand. I love this article because there’s no shaming. It’s a simple write up and it goes:

One can easily envisage and say that most Nigerians have crossed the bridge before coming to it when addressing the future of our great country, Nigeria.

I’m not trying to, and cannot use carrots and sticks to change this mindset of most Nigerians however, I will love all Nigerians to eliminate the ideology that the cards are stacked against the future of the Nation.

Nigerians can currently change horses in the midstream of the several sectors in Nigeria, reaching for the moon will be achievable for Nigeria, economically and otherwise.

Without sounding or appearing to be off the boat, what the doctor ordered regarding Nigeria’s current state economically and otherwise, revolves around Nigerians and Nigerian leaders knowing which way the wind should blow for our dream Nigeria to be a reality.

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No song and dance is good enough for the current state of this country and being at snake in the shoes concerning Nigeria’s current future will indeed not help matters at all.

The good news is this, I believe that Nigeria can reach her “salad days”.?

The Himalayan blunder in Nigeria, is that most of the leaders in the various sectors of the economy have been wrongly selected, with skeletons in their closets, which has culminated to them being on pins and needles about those skeletons.

A leader afraid of his own shadow can never reach for the stars out of fear that dirty laundries might be aired, thus, making these leaders to misappropriate funds from Nigeria.

That said, one key way of taking Nigeria to the moon economically and otherwise, is to ensure credible and efficient leaders are voted in. Those one that don’t act like dogs in the manger.

If each sector of the economy in Nigeria is functioning optimally, Nigeria will certainly be a better economy.

Some sectors in Nigeria need serious reforms as these reforms will make reaching for the moon not seem like a donkey work.

It is also important to note that the success of the several industries in Nigeria, are apportionate to the success of the different sectors in Nigeria associated to such industries.

Christmas list

The Christmas List

Generally in Nigeria, there are primary, secondary and tertiary sectors; sub-divided into many other sub-sectors to accommodate the Nigerian economy.

There sits the Federal, State & Local governments.

A wealth of services include —Telecommunication, Legal services, Construction, Food processing, consulting, Retail sales, Franchises, Real estate , Education, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Tourism, Mass media, Health care, Public health, Information technology, Banking & Insurance (including Financial homes).

Each of these industries rely on the success of the other sectors in the Nigerian economy such as Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Extraction of Oil and Gas, Security, Aviation etc.

The truth remains that working on the different sectors of the Nigerian economy will attract investors to Nigeria, which will help boost the economy.

Spokesperson of Vice President Osibanjo on Guardian, Laolu Akande said on 24th October, 2017-for Nigeria to attract investors, she must work on her economy. Another item on the Christmas list?

In conclusion, Nigeria can grow economically and otherwise. Great leaders stem from individuals, it is imperative to choose leaders wisely.

This is the first step in making Nigeria better & becoming a first class economy -one of the best on earth by 2050. -Fin  

**There!! a piece to be shared.

Not one for verbose brouhaha but-A simple & informative write-up. Michael (He wrote on Electric Cars), I should create a category on economy on this website so you can reach out as much as you want.

An hour later, it’s 00:25am. And I’m glad it’s Friday. The weeks are going by so quickly & I’m also thinking of writing journals. I am back again, lost in thoughts.

Its Black Friday!!! What’s on your Christmas List / Wishlist?

While we sing..”Noelle”……

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What made your Christmas List?

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