How To Lose Weight In Nigeria

How To Lose Weight In Nigeria

Quick Guide To Weight Loss and Free Diet plans

Hello loves, how is it going today? The holidays went by pretty quickly, considering it was only a week but how fast did that weight pile up and how would it go? I’ve got Diet plans for your weight loss goals.

Diet plans

MealPlanner Pro (Photo Credit). Meal is for the general condition, zero allergy and for ages 18-49

For me, gaining weight is a breeze but losing it is an actual struggle and I am happy to share what works for me. Ugh, why are Yam dishes and yummy rich Vanilla Ice Cream not low-calorie?

For the average Joe, portion control and healthy foods are right up their alley when dieting techniques are involved. This is usually a simple low fat/ lean protein meal plan with loads of whole grains, fruits and veggies. Snack times are used for filler, to boost energy and meet other needs for the day like dairy products and a bar of chocolate.

If that’s not you, sit back with a cuppa latte and read on.

As in my last post, “You are what you eat” isn’t just a phrase. Here is a free meal plan and it is strictly for Nigerians. Well, alternatives can be improvised.

You might know that 95% of Nigerian meals are loaded with very heavy carbs and high calories. This includes Cassava, Yam, Bread, Plantain, Rice and oily stuff like soups and finger foods. Even bean cakes.  It is also proven that Nigerian meals are made from some unprocessed materials and ingredients. Ironically, there are also affordable and accessible fresh veggies to be used in weight control.

To achieve weight loss goals in Nigeria, you must make a deliberate effort to:

1. Make better choices and lifestyle– For one, I weigh myself every morning. It is a habit I cannot change and I have long switched from consuming sodas to water and trust me, water is extremely refreshing and there is no drink that can match it’s rejuvenating capacity. Beans and moi moi (moin- moin) make excellent alternatives to carbs (and should be eaten in moderation lol). These are natural plant protein and it’s method of preparation should be tailored to your body need. I mean, less palm (kernel) oil. Fantastic if you include Veggies like “Green” or Ewedu (Jew’s Mallow), Utazi ( Gangronema latifolium) or Pumpkin leaves, as it can be also called Ugwu in your meal. Lol

2. Fruits, fruits, Eat more fruits- There are a ton of fruits to enjoy. It’s the tropics so there are a number of delicious fruits that would make your taste buds leap for joy lol. Juicy Mango, yummy Pawpaw, delicious Coconuts, peachy Watermelon should make a significant part of your menu. They aid the digestive system, provide your body with the required nutrients, minerals and fibre, there are filling and oh-so-yummy. Don’t sleep on fruits. Your skin will glow if you eat much of these fruits, less carbs.

3. Portion control– I have a friend who looks so young and I noticed he never finishes a served portion, deliberately. So much for self control, aye? The outcome is a young looking skin and youthful appearance.

P.S– Eating healthy meals does not guarantee your weight loss goals. Ironically, you might end up gaining weight if you eat healthy meals that are high in calories. Hmm.. I recommend reducing the size of serving. Ahem* Eat a little at a time, Food is always there to be had. Remember this when you visit a restaurant or a place/your home when you are generously offered huge servings. You don’t have to eat everything that is served. Ask


I am very active in thoughts and physically. I barely do the very hardcore workout and Diet plans were not practical and desired until I made a decent one that was desirable


  1. All carbs mentioned should be limited to a cup or 2 slices depending on the way it is measured. Example: Rice should be 1 cup unless otherwise mentioned in a different serving. Bread should be limited to 2 slices and same applies to Yam and the similar food items.
  2. Snacking can be done. Snacks allowed are nuts and fruits in season
  3. Endeavor to be more active as possible to achieve your goals quicker
  4. Always drink water before and after very meal. I recommend water at room temperature (which is typically warm).
  5. In case you get tired of water, get all the refreshing elements with lemon/ lime for the zest and cucumber (slices in water).
  6. Your cheat days are on Saturdays. Eat with moderation and portion sizes should be controlled. After-all, weddings and every other function come on Saturdays. Lets be practical and allow some room to chill
  7. Sundays oh Sundays.. Have your pancakes in the morning, 1 cup of rice at lunch time with chicken stew, Salad for din dins

Happy Dieting xx

What are your Diet plans and tips to help go by? It’s your turn and Id love to hear from you.

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