Dry Brushing the skin: Glow or Myth?

Dry Brushing the skin: Glow or Myth?

Dry brushing I tried it!!!! No, I really did… 

Dry brushing

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What is dry brushing?

My order came through today and you already know I was too excited. This beauty came well packaged, looking real nice and opening it got me “shook!!!” Carefully studying the instructions, I was thinking to myself… “Girl, you better get this glow on!!” I know a little more glow ain’t hurt nobody, I could be a Diamond 

Dry brushing

The Belula pack is actually pretty

Careful observation of this trend- sale of similar brushes at the beauty store/ mall & emphasis on exfoliation got me interested.

Part of my “skincare” regime dedicates 2 days of 7 to exfoliate my skin using my amazing DIY Epsom Body Scrub or Mint Body Polish. I get to enjoy the aroma of essential and carrier oil blends as I feel my skin rejuvenated and thanking me.

Dry brushing

Soft brittles but firm too.

Basically we brush our teeth & tongue, our hair, scrub our skin and use mild facial scrubs on our faces.. So…um, what really are these brushes? I’ll tell you what.

These babies look exactly as they function; just like shoes are made for walking, they’re made to dry brush the skin in long sweep motions, starting from the feet, upwards, towards the heart. 

These brushes, as topic implies, are to be used dry (without putting water on them; or the skin-  shower after dry brushing). Don’t be scared guys. These brushes are actually amazing and not too hard. The smaller one is for the face (I didn’t dare, though).

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Why should you dry brush your skin? There are fanstastic reads out there about how dry brushing is good for your skin & what not.. I’ve been exfoliating a long time now, I’ve got dry -combination skin so the difference is remarkable when compared to dry brushing. I noticed that:

  • Dry brushing feels amazing, using these natural boar brittles on my skin. It is not as tough/ scrubby as Scrubs & it definitely did not hurt me whilst brushing. It was a simple process without applying pressure as with scrubbing, yet, I got stunning results.
  • My skin definitely felt so supple and amazing; no irritations whatsoever, no redness, no scratch, no sting.. nothing!!!
  • I did not get exhausted, obvs, it felt like a normal bath with added benefits to it. This was done at night time & my goodness, what burst of energy I had after that. I cannot wait until tomorrow, waking up to a more radiant skin
  • Cleaner pores!!!!! Cleaner pores. Those brittles did some work….
  • Skin felt a lot more rejuvenated and well exfoliated. So…..good…..that I went on using body butters and all; ignoring the instruction to use only natural oils or light moisturisers post brushing (don’t be like me please)
Dry brushing

Bellula’s Skin Brush comes with its instructions. Very simple and useful

Product research promises 

  • Cellulite control; I have personally not found any medical research confirming this. 
  • Detoxifying your skin for all round smoothness. 
  • Better blood circulation 
  • To remove dead cells 
  • To help lymphatic drainage

How do you choose the best type of brush? 

This is “100% natural cherry wood and boar bristle for the brushes; nylon for the bath gloves”

It felt good using it. As such, I could recommend. 

How to use:

Follow the instructions found inside the package!” A majority of people have reservations on dry brushing. The idea of pulling the skin with brushes, do not sit well with them. Their opinions are highly respected.

You can get this product on their website 

In comparison to chemical exfoliation, I am indifferent because both chemical and manual/ physical exfoliation have their advantages.

If you asked me, I’d say to do whatever works for your skin. Skin is delicate and requires gentle care. As for me? These babies ain’t going no where!!! I’d be using them, chemical exfoliating too and heavy skin building. I would just have to be observant to make sure I am doing right.

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