Nigerian- made Electric Cars By Michael Iregbu

Nigerian- made Electric Cars By Michael Iregbu

Electric cars in Nigeria

What if? Electric cars & Nigerian made.

My colleague & friend wrote this wonderful piece for me on Technology and he chose a wonderful topic I’d share…

Ever wondered why Electric Cars were invented in the first place? Did the inventor have a bird’s eye view emanating from mercury which is closer to the sun when compared to the earth or was he just a big cheese among the great automobile inventors in the world?

The advent of electric cars dates back to the mid 19th century. Several litmus tests, put up by some early inventors like Anyos Jedlik, Thomas Davenport and Professor Sibrandus Startingh to mention but a few has led to the dish, fit for the gods in the automobile industry.. an electric car.

One major challenge faced by electric cars, outside its low top speed and short range of its battery, was that you needed an arm and a leg to get one, thus, making buying an electric car to be just for the elites or for a mid-classed queer fish.

Electric car

Although some Nigerians have a worm eye view to the emergence and existence of electric cars, some companies and personalities in Nigeria are not only aware of electric cars, but also are working towards importing & producing it.

The chairman of Enigus Enfinity, an indigenous firm, Malik Ado-Ibrahim, in an interactive session with journalists in Abuja, on August 24th, 2017, has said that they will introduce electric cars in Nigeria by 2018 and by 2020, their local assembly plant for electric vehicles will be in use.

This can be good for Nigeria from a GDP point of view.

I’m not asking for the moon if I say that Nigeria needs to start producing electric cars. Infact, most countries in the world have set targets for the ban of petrol fuelled vehicles in their country with India targeting 2030 and the United Kingdom, 2040.

I know some people reading this will take me as a bull in a china shop for such statement, but note that we need to greatly reduce our import, and reach for the moon on our exports. One way of achieving that outside all the myriads of options, is to stop importing cars and start producing cars in Nigeria.

Electric cars Credit

Although the set target of using only Nigerian-made cars in Nigeria has been in the doldrums because, set up strategies has been a house of cards and our automobile industry has just been at sixes and sevens, some companies like Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, not being asleep at switch, have used the opportunity to start manufacturing Nigerian- made cars.

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If petrol fuelled cars can be produced in Nigeria, then electric cars can also be produced in Nigeria. The truth is that, focusing on petrol fuelled car production in Nigeria, will soon become a boon in disguise as the world will soon be in less or no need of petrol fuelled cars. Based on that, we cannot continue in the nine days wonder ofNigeria produced a petrol fuelled car”, where the world has changed their focus from that to electric cars.

Electric cars Credit

With this in mind, we need to focus on producing electric cars and, in order to make our electric cars as clear as mud and competitive, we need to consider a self-charging electric car as this will make our electric cars outstanding and most countries can even import cars from us thus increasing our GDP for a better Nigeria.

Electric cars might just be what we need

Electric cars might just be what we need


We need to bring home the bacon that cannot be done by breaking a leg. It can only be achieved by blue in the face beating of one’s brain out. Trust me, when this is achieved, Nigerians will be at cloud nine both economically and otherwise. Without trying to bet on the wrong horse, I will say that this will help give Nigeria a better future. That are  the electric cars.

Fancy a Nigerian made self-charging electric car looking like the Ferrari (in the picture above), but depicting the Nigerian flag without being corny

Let’s get our brain to be like a ball of fire, see the light to the fact of this possibility and I believe that this will be a reality.

(Well, Michael, you are genius enough to be the inventor of this wonderful piece. Thank you again, for this brilliant write up. It was fun reading up).

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