I Had To Stop Using Face Wipes

I Had To Stop Using Face Wipes

Face Wipes are one of the best things that happened in terms of beauty products and it is the actual lazy beauty. It can basically make things extra easy and the convenience was goals.

I would and still keep a stack by my bedside (quick fix); you know, I know the  skin sins especially forgetting to remove your makeup before bed. I couldn’t afford to do so because I have had firsthand experience of breakouts, dull skin, clogged pores, drier skin, older skin, and luckily,  I’ve not had a critical medical condition like the lady who had scarred eyes et al as a result of the Mascara (it’s a long story).

Nah, not something I would love to make a habit of. Thank you.

I still think it was thoughtful of the industry to cater to the ease of skincare and beauty. At least, it is all about convenience (not like one of my favorite 120MM spiked C.L pair of shoes that screams BEAUTY IS PAIN– I just look at it every day and never wore it more than once since 2010). Yah, I sacrifice my skin too.

While I still make a conscious effort to remove my makeup before bed, I thought to consistently use Face Wipes for a period of time and see how my skin improved in complexion and texture. At least, I’m not sleeping with my makeup on, right?

My skin did not wait a full week before I noticed my skin tone went in patches, looked dull, oily, had massive breakouts on my forehead (first), and then cheeks and nose (which has never happened, ever), and I looked older (again).

When going through the motions, I didn’t mind using makeup during the day because it masked everything perfectly, even without me caking up but if you love a fresh face and you are big on makeup free days sometimes, you’ll panic like I did. How can I be compelled to use makeup all the time, when I do very light/ subtle makeup like twice a week only?

Luckily, just in time, I received the Urban FX (Melanin Expert Skincare) products I ordered a while ago so I just switched to a different skincare routine.

I did a Clay Mask Facial at first and went H.A.M on the new regimen. You know how zealous we can be with new products. This was a 30-day skin treatment with AM and PM routines so I was motivated to actually cleanse my face at night because I had to use their cleansing bar with the other products.

I was 7 days in when my skin transformed. This had nothing to do with the product yet because it was too soon to see results but boy, the difference (using Face Wipes versus just cleansing) was like apples and oranges. My skin became clearer, brighter, and more awake, felt less yucky and looked supple and alive. I went harder with the routine. I am still at it and reviews will be linked later.

Face Wipes

My two faves. Makeup Be Gone is not just a title, it’s actually what it says and a Pure is amazinggggggg!!!! It really has a comprehensive and simple list of ingredients. Nothing scary

The Harmful But Lessons I Learned

Face Wipes are not actually helping the skin which is shocking, knowing how many people love love love Face Wipes, even I.

I would think it was enough cleansing and I would fall asleep, content with the Face Wipe makeup removal but all it did, was take off the Makeup (which was ofcourse, would exhaust multiple sheets and still, it would not completely take it off) or whatever it was intended for, but will still leave some debris that wil end up clogging my pores.

This would also mean that I have totally skipped the night routine because I will not proceed without cleansing i.e. the actual water rinse after a mild lather.

Skipping on the night routine will not let me develop a good skincare habit. Long term, I will less proactive about the night routine especially as I get older. The morning routine is like an actual ritual. I don’t think about it. As soon as I hit the shower, it begins… and I must take a bath every day.

The formulation is unique for Face Wipes (which can also be Makeup removers in form of Face Wipes) however, some have ingredients like Coconut Oil which clogs the skin pores (especially if Face Wipes are used without actual cleansing or rinsing the face), denatured and alcohol 40 which causes rapid evaporation, leaving the skin dry.

Imagine leaving your skin dry for over 6-8 hours. Just in case you’ve ever felt a burning sensation on your skin post wipe, you know why.

I still keep Face Wipes and here is a way

I still love face Wipes. I even use Baby Wipes too so it still sits on my bedside.

  • For removing makeup, now I make it an extra conscious effort to do that before I get tired, right before bed.
  • Again, I double cleanse especially because my jetblack mascara (ugh… if you use the DiorShow Blackout mascara or any one similar to that) leaves my eyes looking like Oompa Loompa.
  • I use an Oil like Sweet Almond Oil, Camillia Sinesis or Rice bran Oil to help take out the hardest makeup; Otherwise the Heimish All Clean Balm (when I have it on the dresser or if I remember. My Micellar water stayed on my dresser until it expired. Luckily, I used it twice) helps too. I also use my favourite Face Wipe that is Johnson & Johnson.
Face Wipes

Favourite ever

All it takes is one swipe..or two!! I follow with warm water and a mild cleanser and pat dry with a towel.

  • This means I double cleanse: either the oil way or the makeup remover way (which is technically not cleansing. Then I finish off with the actual water and cleanser mode (call me traditional)
  • They still make a great tool for bathrooms touchups and cleaning makeup smudges.

I drag myself to the sink (and if I make it there, I just take a warm bath), oil in hand, cleanser in another because I’d just continue with the night routine and in the grand scheme of things, it is a step to achieving clear, glowing and healthy skin- longterm.

Do you use face Wipes? How do you ensure a good night routine?

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