Best Exfoliating Facial Scrubs

Best Exfoliating Facial Scrubs

Best Facial scrubs I’ve used in the past 300 days

It’s been a great year thus far, my skin can say the same. Facial scrubs are a must have and you can’t get enough of it.

Going through the season, the years, the moments and emotions. The skin tells it all. How do you ensure you don’t look what you’ve been through?


From microbeads to abrasive exfoliants, we have put together the best facial scrubs this year. Exfoliating can bring about a turn around of about 30% and there is no holding back when giving you the best!

Facial scrub

Acure actually does an amazing skincare range, not just a brand with promises and nothing to back it up. With one look, you might be put off by the colour. It is black but what is a dark color in comparison with it’s outcome? It is paraben free, cruelty free & vegan. It also gently exfoliates and stimulates cell growth, thanks to the French green clay & Madonna Lily stem, brightening the skin’s appearance.


Facial scrubs

Slow down because of the ingredients list

Wake up your skin with Neutrogena’s Morning burst skin brightening scrub (with Lemon & Papaya), Neutrogena did not get it wrong with this one. It’s microbeads are gentle enough for daily use. It has sodium laureth sulfate, so I think there’s room for improvement but if you really don’t care for that, deep pire cleaning is what this scrub does. It has personally enhanced my skin’s appearance.


Facial scrubs

All natural ingredients to make your skin glow. Thanks to Kylie Jenner for making me find this awesome brand, their skin care line is a top fave. Amazing for removing blackheads, buff the face gently using this natural real Kiwi scrub and nourish your skin. Thank me later! Hey! They’ve got Raspberry Scrub too!

Another amazing product to tackle blackheads. St. Ives have a range of natural scrubs your face actually needs. Get the Honey + Oatmeal one. You will be extremely pleased.

Tell me how much you love scents and fragrances, I’ll be pointing to Yes-to! Thanks to the citrus (Grapefruit) fragrance, it is well worth every rub. IT is also packed with antioxidants so pairing that with a Vitamin C serum will naturally boost cell regeneration, collagen and say goodbye to Hyperpigmentation.

This are all super amazing for the skin and gentle in exfoliating, drugstore affordable and extremely effective.

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