Game Of Thrones My Opinion on Daenerys Targaryen

Game Of Thrones My Opinion on Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones – Spotlights are on Daenerys Targaryen.

With only a few days to the year’s end, we are excited about the New Year, as usual. Amongst my favourite things, Game of Thrones would give another season of pure entertainment.

Oh Dany, the only character yet, who is completely self absorbed. She’s her true love, the only person who she has put above all. That one star kid whose ego she constantly strokes with self acclaimed accolades. Her dear, beloved and only self, Dany!

Looking back at the last episode with her new desires for Jon, I fear she might either die before the end of the series or she will end up without the throne and without her dragons. Atleast we know Viserion the Dragon is now the Night King’s new fave.


Well it seems the White Walkers are gaining strength (they had an lways, anyway) and they take over the wall. We already know most of the main characters are at the North, except Cersei and Theon’s super annoying uncle, Euron Greyjoy.  I wonder why Wun Wun de War, the Wildling giant wasn’t amongst the White Walkers.  

She has been consciously paired with her new booboo, Jon, Euron (detrimental to her survival tactics) and Cersei whose new strategy is to take Dany down.

Game of Thrones

Yeah I know, that really ain’t Khaleesi

I have wondered if Dany would ever cope /is suitable for long term romantic relationships. She is great at friend zoning love interests and she always puts her dragons and passions before thinking about another. Guys, what really happens to Ser Jorah?

What do you think about Dany and Jon? Could Brienne and Jamie spark a new flame? Did Bran Stark die at the series’ finale? What really happened to Uncle Benjen and what happened to him in Season 7?

Here is a poll, let’s make our predictions and leave comments let’s play the Game of Thrones.

Who would win the Game of Thrones? Your predictions
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