Homemade Face Spray/ Mist With Recipes

Homemade Face Spray/ Mist With Recipes

When I think of a Face Spray, I think of something luxurious, hydrating, refreshing and rich. The dewy radiance is always obvious. A Face Spray should feel like a refreshing splash of cold water on a very hot day. Well not with the chills. Just hydrating, lush and self absorbing, without ruining your makeup.

Luckily, I have made some Sprays that made my skin feel refreshed and alive in the stagnant 5pm office air (which isn’t a bad thing) or like in an airplane. The feeling is almost priceless.

That aside, I have read and seen numerous articles on how to make a Face Spray that screamed “Woe!”. I am not sure of origin of the misleading Article; perhaps, the author wrote about a simple recipe to be used up within a couple of days and now, it seems like everyone has got it bad.

This has stemmed mostly from the choice of ingredients and the decision to leave it open to microbial growth and the nasties: Sometimes, the growth and nasties cannot be seen by just examining the bottle.

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The ingredients to be used should be pretty simple especially because you are making it yourself. Choice of ingredients would be a determining factor to hydration or very dry and patched skin. It goes beyond the combination of hydrosols or floral waters (both are different things, anyway). No matter what fountain you choose to source from, water is drying and you wouldn’t want your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. The skin on its own can’t hold moisture without humectants so spraying water on the skin causes more evaporation. Imagine coming out of the shower and not moisturising your skin all day.

A good way to start is to add great humectants: the more the merry. Glycerine, Hyaluronic  acids, Propylene Glycol or Aloe Vera.

The decision to leave the products open to the nasties is another that gets me weak. Great, a drop or two of your favourite (Carrier and Essential) Oils; shake and spritz away for days or a few weeks can lead problems. Water and oil do not mix, so storing it up, even in the fridge for a number of days will not help. Sometimes, there would be fibre-like/ string like substance at the bottom of the bottle. Some nasties are not obvious to the eye.

Face Spray

Chamomile Rosewater Face Spray

Ingredients I stay away from 

For the purposes of making a Face Spray/ Mist, I don’t use:
  • Brewed tea (Green Tea, Chamomile, Ginseng etc. I drink them for pleasure, taste and additional benefits).
  • Food grade materials like actual Cucumber
  • Rose water from petals I DIY. I purchase them in liquid form.
  • Vitamin E or Rosemary for the purposes of preserving the Face Spray/ Mist. They are not sufficient in providing adequate preservation of water based products; talk less of Water & Oil.
Ingredients I use for a simple recipe: Depending on the skin concern. (Atleast, one of each)
  • Distilled Water- Instant hydration
  • Hydrosols- Rosewater, Chamomile Water, Kerwa Water, Lavender Water or Orange Blossom Water, AloeVera Water (all my faves). For their antioxidant, anti aging, anti inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Humectants- Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid or Propylene Glycol Glycol (great for enhancing absorption and a fantastic solubiliser). They have these molecules that attract water from the air and hold it onto the skin. Making it stay supple and hydrated
  • Emulsifiers- Polysorbate 20. It is an easy binding agent of small quantities of oil in water. Water and oil don’t mix, no matter how much the bottle is shaken up.
  • Solubilizers- Propylene Glycol. It makes a great soluble agent and solvent
  • Extracts- Green Tea extracts, Chamomile and Extracts. Potent anti aging and anti inflammatory properties
  • Preservatives- Liquid Germall plus. A broad spectrum preservative to keep the nasties away.
  • Astringents are optional- Witch Hazel. Shrinking the Pores
I really love the Herbivore Face Mist and Mario Badescu’s Rose Water + Aloe and Herbs Face Mist was nice. Their recipes are filled with fantastic ingredients that would be great for all skin type.
Face Spray

Two Recipes. Neroli Face Mist (with Chamomile and Rose Water). Coloured is the Green Tea & Chamomile Face Spray with Witch Hazel

Making the Neroli (Chamomile + Rosewater) Face Mist
I will not be adding my favourite hydrosol, water and essential oil (and shaking it together. No dear, I will not)
Heat/ Phase A
  • 56% Distilled Water
  • 20% Witch Hazel
  • 20% Rosewater
  • 1.5% Glycerin
  • 1% Propylene Glycol
Cool down/ Phase B
  • 0.5% Green Tea Extract
  • 0.5% Chamomile Extract
  • 0.5% Liquid Germall Plus
  • Polysorbate 2o & Neroli Essential Oil (optional)

In a Pyrex jug, measure all the ingredients of Phase A and heat up to about 60˚C. Stirring occasionally. When heated, allow to hold for about 45˚C. It would be a light liquid mixture.

Measure and add Extracts into the Jug of same mixture.
Then finish off with the measured amount of preservative (if you’re using Essential oils, mix equal parts of Polysorbate 20 with essential oil. It’ll look creamy. Slowly add the mixture into the Essential oil + Polysorbate 20. It’ll look clear, like water). Transfer into sanitised spray bottle of choice. You’d have a nice sweet, refreshing Chamomile Rosewater Spray. Hydrating, rich and great for all skin type and weather.
I wish I could always have it cold. I use it as a setting spray too and my makeup always looks subtle and minimal. I’m addicted!!!!
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