Hot new songCharlie is not holding back

Hot new songCharlie is not holding back

A hot new song By Charlie Puth: OMG!!!! Hot new song again by Charlie Puth. This one – How long

Thanks, Charlie for this hot new song. So much love for this one. Do you think we have a hit? It’s Friday, and guess who will be be requesting this from the DJ????? Old but one of the favourites.

The beat to this song sends off happy and dance-worthy vibes, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, they express a sad scenario. In the song, he confesses to cheating while being “gone.” After telling her these things, he says, “that don’t make it right, but I promise there were no feelings involved.” She replies, “Boy, tell me honestly. Was it real or just for show?” and “Save your apologies. Baby, I just gotta know. How long has this been goin’ on? You been creepin’ ’round on me. While you callin’ me ‘baby.”

The song starts out with a low-pitched, fast beat but later adds higher-pitched instruments, giving a balanced and fun symphony to the music. The lyrics are sung in a happy tune, contradicting the story he is attempting to tell. – Chsrnb

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With ‘How Long’, Charlie and his team clearly aim at the repetition of the success of ‘Attention’. The new single entirely fits the same soundscape with a similar bass line going on. I gotta hand it to him though; that is another extremely radiofriendly chorus. Throw a little old school Justin Timberlake in a mix with a dash of boyband pop and a current production, and ‘How Long’ is what you get. If listeners can look past the obvious similarities with its predecessor, this will be another hit for him. A Bit Of POP Music

He was dancing like no one was watching and I’m here for it. Mmh no, don’t stop, Charlie, keep it coming! ?

Watch out for those anger stares & daggers, mate

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