GlowUp Korean Beauty Routine

GlowUp Korean Beauty Routine

Korean beauty routine for flawless ageless skin. If you are big on skin care or you care for a glowing skin, the Korean beauty routine isn’t news to you. Mask sheets, dewy-fresh skin? All that!

We hail the Koreans for making us covet their skin care routine. Wonder why they’re known for their flawless skin? Wonder no more!

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These women take pride in proper skin care routine like no other. Watch them defy nature by maintaining their youthful skin even as age closes in. Korean beauty routine, anyone?

The Korean beauty routine are between 8-10 steps. I conveniently blame time for not letting me follow through all 8 methods, morning and night. Don’t be like me though, get that flawless skin, mama! 

Now, if you are like me and you are thankful for incorporating a few steps (usually 3-5) of beauty routine in the morning; as opposed to 8, girl, you should dedicate 2 days in the week to do all 8. 

However time consuming and intensive this regimen is, the efforts cannot go unnoticed. Still want that glow? Ok..

Morning Routine:

Step 1: Cleanse

First thing in the morning, you should cleanse your skin with a cleansers. You will be amazed at the power of water and a good cleanser, child. Water removes impurities and dirt that stay on the face and body throughout the night. A good cleanser make a great difference.

Step 2: Use a Toner

The skin is acidic in nature and has got its pH level (I will not go into details on that..yet). In order to maintain the balance in the PH level of the skin, always apply a toner. This also helps prepare the skin for the next products to be used and avoids excess drying off of the skin. 

Step 3: The Essence

Think of the step between applying your serum after the toner. This is when the essence comes in, right after applying the toner. I usually prefer to wait a good 5 minutes for proper absorption before the essence is used. This enables the skin to be hydrated, moist and allows cellular turnover. Remember to use an essence that works for your skin type. Korean beauty routine. encourages this step as important as serums

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Step 4: Allow me introduce the Ampoule– perfect for Korean beauty regime but I usually skip this. Yes, there is the ampoule too. Ampoules can be seen as treatments because they have a number of active ingredients specific to different skin concern; as a serum is. Ampoules are not serums though.

I believe if serums have the adequate amount of active ingredients that target specific skin concerns, then ampoules could be skipped (as they are used for a specific amount of time thus, treatments) BUT if you’re in for the K-beauty routine, follow through with all 8 routines. That extra oomph they give the skin cannot be over emphasised. 

Step 5: The good ol Serum

Think of Vitamin C serum..Retinol.. or Niacinamide. Serums are actually amazing and they target specific skin concerns like wrinkles and fine lines and treat them. I am actually in love with serums. Always keep serums in a cool, dry and dark place to avoid oxidation. Remember that vitamin c is an unstable acid, so always go for the L’absorbic ones. IMO they are better.

Step 6: The Eye cream

Puffy eyes, anyone? Using extremely light pressure (use the tip of your fingers) to gently apply an eye cream across your brow and socket bone of the eyes; moving outwards. This area is very thin and delicate, you do not want to stretch the skin around there. Maintain hydration. 

Step 7: Moisturiser– lotion or cream

I’ve got combination skin so I use lotion because it is very light weight and would easily penetrate into the skin. Lotions are also good for oily skin kin but creams are better for dry skin. Choose whatever hydrating moisturiser that works for your skin. 

Step 8: Sunscreen

This is a very important step in achieving a flawless skin. Never forget to use a  sunscreen. UV rays destroy the skin and acts as a catalyst in damaging the skin. Don’t reserve those bad boys for summer vacays or the beach only. Protect your skin!

Application of skin/beauty products are done from the lightest to the thickest consistency. This is done by LAYERING.

Oils would have to be the last product if you choose to use it as it “seals” the skin and makes it difficult for other products to be maximised. 

A simplified approach would eliminate the essences and ampoules. However all 8 steps would give you a fantastic result. Consistency is key though. Major key 

Korean beauty routine

Hadalabo has become one of my favourite brands. This is the hydrating lotion (which is a toner and the hyaluronic acid. All so hydrating


The sun has set at this time, the body goes to rest when you sleep and the cells regenerate and heals (if you allow it to), thereby leaving you looking radiant and youthful. 

Step 1: Oil-based cleanser

This will help in removing makeup and impurities from the day’s work. 

Step 2: Double-cleansing: The actual cleansing of the face and nope, face wipes would not do the trick.

Washing your face is not enough to take off the makeup and impurities off the face. Sometimes it’s better to double cleanse after the first time.  First time I ever heard of double cleansing, was on Korean beauty routine. 

Step 3: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

That dead layer of skin preventing your glow up…I pray thee, Exfoliate away!! I use mitts and loofahs and the Korean Italy Towel, child, my skin is not even glowing the way it should be. Invest in a good sponge and exfoliator to get rid of the dead skin causing the skin to look dull and blotchy.

You can also try chemical exfoliators like the AHA and BHA. Scrub it away like a sin, darling. Be careful though, over exfoliation can cause post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. 

Step 4: Toner

Just like in the morning, repeat. 

Step 5: Essence

Repeat like in the morning to hydrate and prepare skin for other products to be applied. 

Step 6: Ampoule- READ  MORE ON : the difference between Esscences, Serums & Ampoule.

Just like in the morning, repeat. 

Step 7: Serum

Focusing on specific skin concerns, repeat like in the morning. Retinoids are your friends.

Step 8: Sheet mask

This is a Korean beauty fave. Korean skincare routine is incomplete without this. I visited an online Korean beauty store to purchase some products and 90% of the products were mask sheets. You can’t miss them. They are extremely hydrating and amazing for all skin types. Take advantage of the availability of these mask sheets to your greatness.

Step 9: Make use if  Eye creams like in the morning 

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Step 10: Moisturise

Keep the product’s ingredients locked in with moisturisers. Carrier oils and wake up to a very radiant glowing skin. 

Exfoliation should be done at most, 3 times a week because exfoliation tends to thin out the skin.

Whenever you exfoliate, skin build. Use oils and Shea Butter- ok that’s my preference. You can use cocoa butter or Mango butter. Make your own body butter for extra yumness.

This is not cast in stone as a strict number. It goes on until 17 -19 steps, depending on treatments.

Just continue to keep your skin hydrated, exfoliated, eat/ sleep well and protect yourself from the sun. 

I would be happy to read your comments on this. 

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