Korean Italy Towel: The Review

Korean Italy Towel: The Review

Spotlight: Exfoliation Korean Italy Towel

Your skin gets bright when you start exfoliating. Korean Italy Towel makes it better.

As soon as I became intentional about Skincare, I became drawn to the things that would make a difference in my skin: Exfoliation, Moisturing, Cleansing and Sun Protecting.

As I kept reading and researching and looking for amazing skincare products, I found the Korean Italy Towel and after researching, I knew this was the product I was looking for. If I remembered correctly, a review read that it gave the skin a baby smooth feel, making a baby’s skin feel like a Cactus. I screamed!

What Is A Korean Italy Towel?

The Korean Italy Towel is a washcloth, not quite like a sponge and it is made in Korea. It is not a new kid on the block, the Nans say it’s dated to the 60s. With a rough texture and feel, it can be abrasive on the skin depending on the colour you choose. Green is the most purchased and a best seller. The fabric is made of 100% viscose and it is fantastic for exfoliation.

What Does A Korean Italy Towel Do?

One word: Exfoliate. I have used different types of sponges and mitts. I got one Loofah from body shop that I was pleased with but it got lost somehow and I’m happy with the Korean Italy Towel.

I have tried the local sponge, but it didn’t do justice to exfoliation. It just helped me reach the back. Some other Loofah was extremely hard and it came in a set of two. After I used it a few times, I couldn’t continue. It felt like I was scrubbing my skin with a wall and I’m not big on self infliction. I threw it away however, I think I will save the second pair to scrub my feet after a clay/ Epsom salt soak with tea tree. It is a Korean made Loofah too.

I tried a foam sponge. Trust me, it was soaking up the lather from the shower gel and would not dry off. Yuck!!! That’s like throwing a buffet for Bacteria and molds. I also gave a shot at the micro fibre exfoliating mitt. Meh!!!

Where Is It Retailed?

Luckily, the Vendor (Skyroad, who is also the Manufacturer and brand) at Amazon ships to Nigeria so I got it there. It came in a pack of 3 for about $12.

Korean Italy Towel

By SkyRoad. Viscose 100%

My Thoughts:

The moment I started being intentional about skin care, I became picky about my exfoliators and I made amazing choices. Of all the physical exfoliants I’ve used, this is the BEST.

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I use it regularly and there is an absolute difference in my skin texture. Exfoliation makes all the difference and the right exfoliator takes it to a higher level. My skin is definitely bright because my first step in skin care (cleansing) begins with thorough exfoliation.

The skin feels soft, smooth and bright. The skin readily accept treatment with the right exfoliation and I couldn’t have gotten it right if I didn’t discover the Korean Italy Towel. It is incredible and I have used it for about a year, every day (ofcourse, changing it: it comes in a set of three (3)). I can never stop using this. Right about now, I have used two and one is sitting, ready for use. I already know I’ll be purchasing another.

More Details On Using The Korean Italy Towel

Korean Italy Towel

I mentioned earlier that I use it everyday. Basically, I get my skin wet, use a shower gel/ bathing soap, get it on the wash cloth and in long bold strokes, I scrub my skin. I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin within the first month. I knew then, there’d be no going back.

The obvious change was the first time I did a bath soak for about 20 minutes in warm water. You know the type of soak that leaves your fingers wrinkly and you’d probably notice it is white and in some cases, the dead skin looks “lifted”. Yeh, that soak. Once I had the soak in warm water (not hot) and threw some Epsom Salts for 20 minutes (this was random), I took the wash cloth and with long strokes, I scrubbed my skin, did a rinse and came out with very clean skin. This method I don’t do often as normal scrubbing is my go-to. This wash cloth shrinks when it’s wet and it must be left to dry off completely when done.

As hard and rough as the fabric feels, I found it to be less abrasive and more effective than a scrub and I’ve used salt: Himalayan, Rock and Epsom salts; Refined and unrefined sugar scrubs and coffee scrubs. I’ve used all kinds of Loofahs and Mitts. This is a beauty grail until I discover another amazing type and to be honest, I’m not searching.

When using this, my main focus are on problem areas. The entire process is worth it.

If you need an inexpensive manual exfoliator for the skin, this does justice. Especially for me. I’m heavily on exfoliating because the difference is obvious.

I hope you found this insightful.

If you have used this, what was your experience? Please share below.

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