The Lazy Day Skincare Regimen

The Lazy Day Skincare Regimen

Lazy day skincare regimen.

What do I mean by – Lazy day skincare regimen? It was a glorious day on Tuesday, just yesterday and I was officially off work for the year. I had placed orders online and was pretty glad to open them today, Wednesday and do some “spring cleaning”. Let’s just say, I did not know the post “Lazy day skincare regimen” would be written.

I had also thought to see how I could use some of the products on the days I call the “Lazy Day Skincare Regimen”, where I would just rest, take a shower and give my skin a breather.

I woke up unwell and thought a shower would make me a lot better. Here are the things I used on my lazy day.

1. Facial Scrub– I woke up to a pimple on my face and didn’t know why. The first thought was a reaction to something or clogged skin. I used the Acure facial scrub to exfoliate my face and natural “black” (literally black) soap for the body.

2. Toners, Serum and Hyaluronic Acid– The black soap I used was purchased in the brown wrap. It was my first time of use and my body felt really clean, out of the shower. I used the Toner from Mario Badescu- Aloevera Toner (for the pimple) although the Witch Hazel Toner might have been great. After 10 minutes, I used the Vitamin C serum (20%) by Obagi and the Korean Hyaluronic acid much later.

Eye Cream and Repair serum– Thanks to Estée Lauder for this lush products I purchased and they actually help repair my skin and makes it radiant, supple, tight and young. No lol!


3.  Moisturiser– Cerave body Creme was used on the body after Hyaluronic acid was generously slathered to draw and hold moisture on the skin and make it supple. Cerave is dermatologically approved and has a full range of therapeutic skincare products for cleansing and moisturising. I totally love that it contains all the Ceramides the body craves and Hyaluronic acid. The three essential ceramides (1, 3 and 6-II) help rebuild the skin’s barriers and locks in moisture all day long like other moisturisers should. This was not used on my face though

4. Body Oils– I have fallen in love with vegetable glycerin. This product has a secret ingredient I have yet to find in other glycerine. My body feels extremely soft and it sinks right into the skin without being greasy. For the heck of it, I also nourish my skin with Argan oil & Marula Oil (on the face). Glycerin was used all over the body.

Lazy Day Skincare Regimen

5. Foot lotion– I try to pay extra attention to my feet. I have not been particularly kind to it back in the day so I have a long time of catering to do. I used the Glycolic Acid lotion to exfoliate my feet and O’Keffes healthy feet lotion for ankles and heels. This was done in layers. Oh I do layer skincare products and I find it extremely effective. The first layer was done from the thinnest to the thickest consistency- Starting with HA, then Cerave lotion/ Creme, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)  & ended with Keffe. These products are ahmazing.

6. Sunscreen with SPF 70– Skincare is never complete without this one. Even though I couldn’t leave home, the blinds were open to let in sunlight and hey!!! Who thought to protect her skin from the ultraviolet rays? Yeah buddy, c’est moi! Sunscreen was applied to my hands, face and legs for full coverage.

That’s my Lazy day skincare regimen

Your turn- How do you do when you really cannot on lazy days? Full 10 steps or a simple one like mine?

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