New Year And Realistic Approach

New Year And Realistic Approach

Looking forward to the New Year? Here are some realistic plans for 2018

We have just a few days to usher us into the New Year and I have cracked up over the infamous Memes and New Year, New Me” cute resolutions.

How would you be celebrating Jan 1? Church? On the couch, snacking on your favorite snack with someone special? partying into the New year? We are all for whatever makes you happy. Either way, even if you decide to sleep the entire duration, its fine baby. What is funny is that everyone makes resolutions. Even when they don’t say it, they secretly know what they would be doing in the New Year to make themselves better. I mean, there is always room for development, right?

It is imperative to set very realistic resolutions. The whole point of a resolution is to keep it. It is not a quest to impress anyone. Usually, your only competition is yourself. You must be better than the as the day goes by. Ending the year with resolutions met is a fulfilling endeavor.

Well, as you set realistic goals for 2018, let us remember to take care of ourselves. Desiderata taught me to nurture strengths of spirits so I can withstand life’s storms. With very busy schedules here and there, we often forget ourselves and get lost in the sauce. This was dealt in my post Self love. (It is a three-part article- Self Love I, Self Love II, Self Love III) Yes, it is that important haha x

Here are a few realistic goals to set – These are loving ways you can treat yourself in the New Year to feel amazing within and super charge you. (When you feel good, you look good, when you look good…)

  •  Beauty Sleep

When you have decided to sleep, do that! Phones off, eyes shut! I know this feeling first hand and I am guilty of writing late into the night and getting up early for work when I should be getting my beauty sleep. Don’t be like me, get some quality sleep. I have tried a blend of essential oils as a relaxant and sedative (all natural, baby. No pills and portions)- Get some Magnesium or Epsom Salt, put a hand full in a bath tub filled with warm water, soak in for 30 mins, you would already feel sleepy in less than 20 minutes. The easiest way I get to relax completely, Lavender essential oil in a diffuser (10-20 drops), you will sleep so well

New Year

  • Treat Yourself

Time flies really fast. You work so hard and everything is moving at the speed of lightening. I am guilty of taking days off to get some rest but should I really wait until I am worn out? What I have done is made plans ahead of time. Work hard, Pamper myself harder. Create time to get my body soul and spirit together. Yoga classes, small exercises, learning to actually breathe. The simple, less time-consuming routines.

Do the things you love EVERY SINGLE DAY. Dancing, singing, reading, listening to music, whatever you love!

  • Create a Skincare Regimen

If you do not have one already, please send a message-

You should also fill the form below first (check the home page). If you have a habit of switching to different regimens every now and again, then its time to stick to one. Have a good skincare morning and night routine to get an amazing skin. You know skincare and flawless skin is timeless. If you already have an amazing skin, now is a great time to prep you skin to age gracefully. We get older every year, don’t we? I recommend the famous Obagi360® System, which includes everything required to maintain beautiful, luminous skin.

  • No Couch Potato behavior

Everyone has a fitness goal and family (FitFam). Let it be more than just goals and Fam, Do what you said you will do. Try ways to get active and energetic if you are not so big on working out. As in my last post on “Shocking ways you might be aging your skin”, I explained that working out does not necessarily mean being a gym rat. All you need t do is encourage circulation in your body, encourage and promote cell repair and renewal, help the skin build its body tissues. This is easily done by eating skin and being active. Take you dog or bestie with you and make it fun.

  • Stop Procrastinating

Too many tomorrows and that is not right. Take advantage of NOW and do things as soon as they are needed without waiting on tomorrow and tomorrow, when tomorrow comes. Instead, be open to getting things done as though tomorrow might not come soon enough, you will be shocked at how your life would change.

  • YES

Those three powerful letters can be about a transformation and let it be an active word in 2018. We are all stuck in our ways, no doubt. Do you know what amazing things are outside our comfort zone? I would encourage you to be open to new things, not crazy stuff friends, just new things. A new restaurant, new hair color, a road trip, a new meal, new recipe, new sports e.t.c u will be amazed at the things on the other side of your comfort zone.

  • Healthy Eating

No crash diets, no unprocessed food. No sodas, At least, in moderation. In the post, skinfoods, I encouraged my friends on here to consciously eat the right food and have a balanced diet. Lets start the new year with loving ourselves and eating clean. The opposite of this takes a toll on our skin and our health, big time. There is so much pain in the aftermath of unhealthy living. You might want to read my post on Tasigna and Cancer.

Baby steps are OK for starters, the your body would seamlessly crave for healthy meals and then you become a PRO! I would be writing posts of healthy recipes on here. To stay updated on all recipes and posts like this, please subscribe.

I hope these tips would help bring a bright, healthy and joyous year head. If you have resolutions that did not make this list, please share in the comment box below.

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