Organic products: Anti Aging Scrub

Organic products: Anti Aging Scrub

The best recipe for DIY Anti -Aging Body Scrub using organic products for baby smooth skin and lingering fragrance, hours later.

Hey loves, it’s amazing how you can transform your skin using budget friendly organic products. I wishing to rewind all the years of using harsh chemicals and toxins on the skin- because I did not know better.

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As you get older, you get wiser and get really particular about most things. One of which, is the products you use on your skin to either keep your skin glowing, fight signs of aging or an overall change from whatever to the organic lifestyle. This also applies to food.

This drive should not be underestimated.

I’m still in early years but things are changing, so is my lifestyle. Now I’m extremely mindful of the ingredients that go into my body and on my skin. The journey so far has been amazing, sticking to organic products.

This article is on the most invigorating body scrub ever! The ingredients are easy and pocket friendly. The transformation on the skin is yet to be televised and the smell of these products, in combination, lingers far into the late hours of the day. Who knew using organic products could be FUN?!

The recipe for this anti aging scrub maximises the benefits of every single one of the organic products. All the products are essentially natural and anti aging. They are also loaded with healing properties.

organic products

I have not found an exceptional and satisfactory anti aging body scrub with organic products so I made one and took a bath. It’s the best scrub ever. Make one, you’ll see.

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  • 5 spoons- Epsom salts
  • 6 spoons – Avocado oil
  • 4 drops – Tumeric Essential oil
  • 12 drops- Lemon Essential oil
  • A pinch – Tumeric powder
  • 4 drops – Rosemary Essential oil

The recipe

In a clean, sterilised glass bowl, put 5 spoons of Epsom salt to it. Add a pinch of Tumeric powder and 4 drops of Tumeric essential oil in it. Mix thoroughly. In the same glass bowl, add your lemon essential oil and rosemary essential oil and stir thoroughly until a little yellow. After that, put 5 tablespoons of rich Avocado oil and stir.

Transfer into a clean glass jar with a lid.

Avoid water getting into the scrub or wet fingers. This is because there are no preservatives added; therefore, keep away from water. Water and oil do not mix and water (moist area) is also a hotbed for bacteria.

How to use:

Exfoliate on dry skin, using the palm of your hand. Gently work it into your skin and slough away the dead skin in short circular motions while avoiding the entire face. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with your normal skincare regimen and moisturise generously.


You will notice an instant soft feeling of the skin. If you do this consistently, you might not believe how soft your skin will be. The fragrance is alluring and rich, you’d smell great for almost 12 hours.

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Click before for the full video if you prefer to watch it being made, instead.

Mmmmm!!!…. I can not wait to use this again. I only exfoliate with scrubs once a week. I exfoliate with other products, minimum of 3x a week.

My skin feels great and bright, it has tremendously transformed. Please share your experience on the best anti aging products and ask questions too.

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