Perfect Skin And Minimal Routines

Perfect Skin And Minimal Routines

The quest for the most amazing skin- The perfect skin

Do you require a change in your skincare routine and products? Great & perfect skin is always in style and the most amazing feeling comes with a story, ending with perfection through the journey.

Thankfully, there are a ton of skincare products on the market and brands promising to deliver the perfect skin by consistency however, how credible are they?

ButterMilk fresh, radiant skin cannot be achieved by purchasing a truckload of skincare products. The secret lies in its ingredients and application.

The recommended use of skin care products should be applied atleast twice a day and requires at least four weeks to notice a difference because the skin renewed itself within these times.

To obtain the most results in your skincare routine,  all you ever need are:

1. Makeup removers: There is always a deliberate and conscious application of chemicals on the skin that are not necessary however, the need to beautify and enhance features are understandable. What happens after caking and clogging the skin? Ofcourse, the damage needs to be undone by taking off the makeup in a way that the skin isn’t pulled or stretched.

Recommended– Micellar water does the trick. The thing is that it isn’t actually water. It consists of oil molecules named Micelles where it’s name is derived. These micelles are suspended in soft water that attach to primers, Makeup, and a whole lot of dirt. This product takes off dirt without stripping your skin if it’s natural oils. It’s so good, it’s can be used as a cleanser and makeup remover.

I started off using Bioderma and I have not stopped. It’s inexpensive and just what I need. You can purchase it using the link. A generous amount, soaked in cotton pads and gently used on the face is the only required effort.

Perfect skin

2. Facial cleanser– Remembering my roots as a beauty products’ obsessive, I could use all kinds of cleansers. Luckily, it hasn’t affected my face one bit. I  can easily tell you the product that worked great for the purpose it was bought: exfoliating, cleansing & boosting other product application. I would never recommend a foaming cleanser or one with SLS. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is harzardous, simply put!

Recommended– There are only about 15 products on the market without SLS or Parabens + non foaming. Always check the ingredients to mitigate self- destruction. Acure makes a very great skincare brand and I can’t stop talking about them. The scrubs are fantastic. Get Acure (for scrubs) &  for gentle cleansing (for alternate days). DO NOT EXFOLIATE EVERYDAY! For use, put a sufficient amount in the hollow of your palms, rub both palms together and gently use on face inn gentle, short, circular motions.

Perfect skin

Without Sulfates

3.  Toners– These are the power house for skin perfection. I have yet to understand how a glowing skin can be achieved without Toners. Impossicant! Toners are wonderful and exceptional. I feel bad for you if you don’t use this in your regimen. Toners tighten the skin pores, tighten the skin, fight angry acnes and blemishes, promote cell turnover and a host of others things. I had to dedicate a post to the most sought after. Again, these products are all must-Haves so I bet you’ve got it too.

Recommended – The award winning Witch Hazel Toner and amazing Aloevera Toner by Mario Badescu. For use, same as Micellar water. Use a cotton pad. You might want to purchase using this; Witch Hazel Toner by  & ’s Alovera Toner. Get the Glycolic Toner from MB’s skincare range for days you’re not sloughing deadskin using a scrub.

Perfect skin


4. Vitamin C serums & Retinols- Again, I have an entire post for these two bad boys.

These are all Vitamins. Retinols are Vitamin A derivatives. There are a ton of Retinols and Vitamin C on the market with promises to increase collagen production and slow down the signs of aging. To help make things simpler, get Vitamin C serums at 20% (with L’absorbic acid). Retinols are fantastic when applied at night time.

Recommendation– A little goes a long way with both. Allow at least 10 minutes to dry off before applying treatments or moisturizers. Always use a sunscreen when using both topical Vitamins in the day time. The best and effective on the market are by  and Beauty Rx by Dr. Schultz Triple Vitamin C Serum for tighter, smoother, brighter radiant skin. Squirt a little into your palm, use your finger tips to apply on the face with the lightest pressure.

Perfect skin

Vitamin C serum

Perfect skin


5. Moisturizers- What is Skin and skincare without moisturizers? True radiance is nothing but a dream without moisturising. A fantastic opportunity to nourish the skin. For days when you feel like you just can’t be fussed to make a body butter of choice (I have stopped commercially made lotions and I only pamper my skin with delicious body butters, which are moisturising and effective, forget those names in the list of ingredients- Check these recipes), you might want to purchase moisturizers with true natural ingredients. Look out for aqua, glycerin and ceramides.

Recommendations: Glowing Skin is easily achieved by using body butters. It’s even preferable to make one, it’s super easy, like a walk in the park. The best part is that you get to use the carrier oil target skin need (SEE- CARRIER OILS like Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil or Tamunu/ Emu Oil..and essential Oils like Jasmine Absolute, Lavender, Tumeric, Peppermint, Sandal wood or Rosemary Essential oil- all loaded with unmatchable properties for absolutely everything).

Otherwise, choose fast absorbing, non-greasy ones to help reveal radiant skin and even skin tone.

Perfect skin


6. Body Oils- The body constantly begs for oils to nourish itself. Lock in moisture in the winter season and boost radiance in the summer, body oils are always in season. No wonder it is that most skincare mavens use same oil in cooking for the skin. It is amazing. The luxe brands should be checked to ensure all ingredients are natural.

Recommendations: Get carrier oils of choice if natural or botanical routes are your goals. YOU might also purchase luxury oils, usually combined with a number of other amazing oils for vitality. Here, you’ll find all you need know about body /beauty oil in great details. It’s a 2-minute informative read. For luxe, ultra-nourishing oil that rejuvenates, regenerates, restores and renews skin’s luminosity and suppleness, you are in good hands with Tata Harper Revitalising Body Oil (with Calendula, Grapeseed, Arnica and Neroli blends).

Perfect skin

Beauty Oils

The most important, is a Sunscreen.

Perfect Skin needs eyecreams & sunscreen, ok?

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