Sam Smith- Good at goodbyes

Sam Smith- Good at goodbyes

Sam Smith: Good At Good At Good Bye

While Sam Smith brags (read as humble brag) about his growth on being good at goodbyes, we say hello to his new looks and can not wait to enjoy more of his songs.

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Such a softy and hard ass, we recall a part he says “I’m never gonna get too close to you, even though I mean the most to you.. in case you go and leave me in the dirt”.

Sam Smith and the melancholia with a flawless flexible tenor he shows off so flawlessly that seems to be bestowed upon him as he follows through a continuous flow like from Heaven. You can not be mad at Sam Smith.

I felt like gosh, it’s just another good song from Sam Smith, from the first minute of the song but I was left speechless, watching it multiple times in a row.

Sam Smith’s voice is joined only by the sparsest and most basic piano chords, along with some finger-snapping. Eventually a light beat kicks in, then a gospel choir, as if to almost mock Smith’s romantic lamentation by raising it to the level of spiritual battle- By Variety

He did pretty well pulling off such delicate ballad amidst bangers and pop.

Sam Smith has said this song is based on his life, and you see it start out hushed, mellow and intimate, with the piano adding fingersnaps, strings and with him, again, rotating the same few hooks and showing off his trademark, the Tenor sound he so effortlessly raises to the highest pitch.

Checking the lyrics, “You must think that I’m stupid…I’m just protectin’ my innocence,” I am trying to match it with the innocence he displays. When he adds that you won’t see him cry, he follows with a conflicting phrase that he has cried before, when this person left him.

I don’t really care much for the ironies, I’m here for Sam and this song is everything. I totally love it and would be on repeat for a long time.

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