Save Or Splurge on Skincare Products

Save Or Splurge on Skincare Products

Save or Splurge on Skincare Products 

The fountain of youth is searched for like a pot of gold and we wonder what the price is, to pay in the quest for it. Save or Splurge?

I am a firm believer in studying the ingredients of a product before purchasing and I know it can also be nice to think a pricey product is potent. “Ah it was so expensive, I’m sure it’ll “work””. Um, not really Hun. Sometimes, you need to pay attention to the ingredients and maybe if it’s in a cute pack, consider spending a few more bucks.

Quite frankly, the cost for the perfect skin is high. You will have to run through bottles of exfoliators, Serums, natural acids, Peels, masks *sigh* and you can imagine incorporating a regimen that takes 8-10 steps on a daily basis.

Note -Higher price doesn’t guarantee quality

Now to consider when to Save or Splurge:


1. Serums – Serums comes in different forms and products. You could get Niacinamide, Vitamin C or Retinols and they all have different strengths. Sometimes, there’s a combination of both and it’s great at tightening the skin, fighting free radicals, acne and are great for slowing down the signs of aging on the skin. If there is ever a skin condition, the fastest and most effective way of battling it is using Serums. They penetrate the skin quickly and are really potent.

2. Moisturisers– This is a bit tricky but then again, you could save some money by reading the ingredients. Even dermatologist would tell you about reading ingredients in the bottle as the most expensive of them all proffer same solutions as the drugstore ones. Some have Ceramides, some Peptides for collagen production, Some with essential oils for anti-aging, some with antioxidants and Vitamins for even skin tone. Usually, Peptides are not very effective in topical applications because the molecules are large and can’t penet the skin barrier but are so expensive. It’s is worthy to note that Moisturising does a great job at protecting the skin and locking in moisture rather than treating and consistent use may give all the solution you desire. I would rather get Serums for treatments

3. Exfoliators- I cannot even keep track of how much exfoliators I use and they finish so quickly. From cleansers to body and facial exfoliators to foot exfoliating lotions, they come at a high price compares to other skincare products although not the most expensive. Body scrubs and exfoliating brushes are usually inexpensive too. Exfoliating maybe abrasive and cause more damage than the healing you desire. Invest in the right brush, lotions and cleanser and you’d save more more than treating self-inflicted tears and cuts. Acne prone skin is more likely to spread more bacteria if the right products are not used.


Most skincare products that are effective do not have to be pricey and these make up effective products that are very affordable and shouldn’t so pricey.

1. Cleansers & Facial scrubs – These work wonders at unclogging the skin’s pores, cleaning the face and promoting and brighter, healthy skin tone. I’ve never had to use a lot of expensive cleansers and facial scrubs but I’ve also used products with excellent ingredients with no regrets. They are budget friendly and contain actives. You tend to use for only 30 seconds and you wash them off anyway. Eraorganics natural face wash, ‘Acure Facial Scrub’ & Cetaphyl gentle cleanser all do fantastic less abrasive cleansing.

Save or Splurge

2. Sunscreen– Morning, midday, winter or summer, Sunscreens are great for skincare and I can’t take you seriously if you care for your skin and you don’t use a sunscreen. They are typically available and affordable, all you should look for is a zinc oxide (not titanium), dry sunscreen with a high SPF. Your favourite brands ensure they are everywhere so you’ve got no excuse. Save your skin with these

3. Masks-Known for tightening the skin, shrinking pores and taking off excess oil on the skin. These are incredibly underrated but extremely beneficial to the skin. If you lean more to a dry skin, use a mask that contains aloevera

4. Toners are important in skincare and chances are that the ones purchased at the store for a ridiculous have the same qualities and are effective as the ones from body the drugstore. Don’t worry about that, always get amazing ones and make sure they are not pricey. Mario Badescu makes an amazingly range for all skin types. Try them out. You’ll get Toners for about $15 and you choose free samples (about 4) of different products. How delightful.

I consider the above when deciding to Save or Splurge on skincare

PLEASE contribute on skincare Save or Splurge based on the products you have used

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