Self Love part II: 25 Simple Ways

Self Love part II: 25 Simple Ways

On Self Love II

In case you did not know, see self love I  for the initial write up.

As promised, here is the conclusion of Self love below:

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11. Forgiving– This is quite the hardest sometimes. No one really knows the depth of hurt endured. It however, does not do much for you to bear it. Often times, the individual who caused the hurt has long forgotten and living great.

Let go and let God. Learn to forgive that person especially because if you don’t, you become bitter. The entire world was made for you so why let one person’s action prevent you from enjoying the goodness kept in treasure houses?

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In that same vein, learn to forgive yourself. Yes, you’ve done things in the past. Oh sure, there are things you are not proud of. You know what, we all make mistakes. The joy is that you have learnt from that and it would not happen again.

So emancipate yourself from mental slavery and live. The one with the higher calling, who is above all else, I call Him God, has forgiven you. You should then forgive yourself and whoever still lives in your mistakes, making you feel bad for those things you’ve done, should be reminded that you do not live in “yesterday”. The moment is NOW & the future awaits you.

12. Be yourself – this is one of my Mom’s favourite. She’ll never stop stressing that. You should learn to be yourself. Be you. You are unique and different. You cannot be duplicated therefore, be you!

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You may want to aspire to be better than yesterday which is totally perfect. I’m always for self development. You know how people have that idea of you, the perception of you and who you ought to be and what not? Total waste of everything.

Let you uniqueness be the description of you. You are trapped in yourself, who else can you be?

13. Tomorrow never comes– Procastination is a horrible thing. Why delay getting things done without reason. If you have decided to get something done, don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it now. Tomorrow is a brand new day, it should come with it’s plans.

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Wait to do something tomorrow and a different excuse is given why it should be done the day after. A week goes by..nothing achieved. When is “tomorrow?”

14. Make a list– there’s always so much to be done and sometimes 24 hours is not just enough. So there’s this burden when you wake up and that’s the last thing you think of before hitting the sack. A constant reminder of all things to be done and if you’re so busy, somethings would suffer due to tight schedules and hello brain block! Make sure you write a list of things to do and gracefully tick them as you conquer

15. Appreciate the little things– Love them. Usually, the joy is in the thought of it. So the sun, the smiles, the little pressies, appreciate them all. It would be a little different if those things were not there. No! things do not have to be mighty before you celebrate/appreciate them. Start by noticing these things first, you’d be amazed at how much you have ignored.

Self love

16. Believe in yourself– Ha! You have got to be your number one fan and your biggest cheerleader. Usually, if you do not believe in yourself, no one else would.

We live in a world of criticism which I find rewarding but you must stand tall and believe in yourself. Be the best version of yourself too.

Praise yourself for what you have done. Push yourself harder than your last achievement. Your only competition is you, inspirations should be from those higher than you are, presently. Push, push, push. There’s no telling where you can grow to. So challenge yourself too. This is self love

17. Be your biggest critic– while others are so fast to let you down & criticise you, be your own critic. For me, it shields me from whatever anyone might have to say. I developed a habit of being 100% true to myself without being hard on myself.

I’m usually the first to notice a flaw in myself. I’m the first to acknowledge I’ve done something wrong and I quickly make amends or work on myself. This drives the extremist in me for perfection which is also a flaw (you see, I’ve admitted that) and I’m working on that.

Except it’s corporate stuff where I’m tremendously putting my best foot forward and my team are applauded for excellence, in cases where my managers have a preferred style in getting things done, the criticism is accepted.

This provides a rewarding learning curve and growth. Save for that, I humbly take my A** in seamless execution. Thank you.

Back to it, you can choose to see a glass half empty or half full. Be open to criticism and be your biggest critic too BUT learn to know the difference between criticism and when someone is trying to take the mickey.

18. Develop an attitude of gratitude- Gratification goes a very long way I‘ll tell you that for nothing. In everything, give thanks. It costs nothing to be thankful. Just develop a habit of it. Open doors for you from thence. There is so much to be thankful for. You might be far from your goals but remember how much you hankered for the things you have now. Be grateful first.

19. Love yourself– there are epistles to write on this alone. Simply put, you cannot give what you don’t have. Love yourself and surround yourself with love. Simples!

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