Self Love part III: 25 Key Points

Self Love part III: 25 Key Points

Self love- A continuation of previous blog post

This is the last part of the article on self love. See below link for the first two parts.

20. Build and nuture relationships– while it is fantastic to spend time alone sometimes, to reflect on how far you’ve come and to get a moment away from the “noise” called “life”, building and nuturing relationships are important.

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You would always feel great after spending time with friends and loved ones. Treat them special. Love them deeply.

Be genuine, be affectionate, be kind. Know when to lift them up, know when to hold them down. Just be that awesome person. Leave them happier than how you first met them.

I haven’t been lucky with friendships. I know I would love to have a handful though. With things happening too fast, we grow, get caught up with life, bury our heads in our laptops, libraries and mortgages, we forget to reach out to those important to us.

Trust time to fly, before you know it, there’s a distance and things are no longer the same. Don’t be like me. Make out time, call your friend. Call home. Send a great text. Go grab a quick lunch. Nurture relationships. That great feeling you get when there’s a victory and you can call a friend to laugh and appreciate your journey with you.. it’s priceless and I’m willing to pay for this.

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21Communicate– sometimes, I wish I was a mind reader, to be able to read minds and understand what craziness exists in another’s head. With the simple, yet complex behaviour in human beings, please learn to communicate.

Speak your mind clearly and in simply words, without being condescending or derogatory. Speak your truth and don’t assume you know everything or the next person ought to have known. Communication is amazing and it is a great tool, use with discretion.

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22. Treat yourself– Pamper yourself. Now I’m not talking buckets of ice creams or drowning in sugar coated donuts. I’m not fat shaming either. Your body is where your mind, soul and spirit resides. It’s an entire entity that represents you, no other.

You must take good care of it. Pamper it greatly. Treat it like gold. Adorn it, invest in quality things that would make it glow and radiate the goodness you represent. Be gentle on your body. Take stretches, take walks, shower as often as possible, at least, once a day. Exfoliate. Eat clean.

Self love

23. Respect yourself– Again, Self explanatory. Remember, respect is not given, it is earned

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24. Live purposely -when you lead a purpose driven life, you will accept and love yourself no matter what. If you decide to live a clean and healthy life, deliberate steps would be taken to achieve that purpose.  When there are accomplishments in strides, you appreciate yourself more.

25. The best of all- Love!!!! We are respond to love. We all want to love and be loved in return. We want unconditional love. We want true love. Be an embodiment of love. Show love to strangers, secretaries, housekeepers, family, friends, everyone. If you do not love, the you do not know God, because God is Love 

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Desiderata of Hope

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