Self Love 101: 25 Key Points

Self Love 101: 25 Key Points

Self Love

What is Love? Why self love? Do you love yourself? How is your relationship with “self”?

Relationships built with others are amazing. I once heard that “no man is an island….” You already know that no one truthfully thrives on their own. I guess that is what it means, right?

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In all reality, the most important relationships in life is that one with self. Ever heard of self love. Do you cater to yourself? How deep is the love you have for yourself? Is your happiness a priority? How often do you put others before you? How often do you nurture it?

We spend a lot of time at work, with others, and right before the end, we realise we’ve never quite lived or enjoyed time loving ourselves.

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Going forward, it is important to have a paradigm shift. Relationships with others are incredible but you can’t truly get satisfaction until you love yourself.

If you haven’t, it’s about time to do these;

1. Think positively– Without being too hard on yourself, maintain a positive outlook in life. This will include less name-calling, less expectations and increased reciprocation. Forget your flaws, we all have them. Instead, look at those great attributes you possess and reflect on them. That’s one of the best ways to harness your inner chi.

2. Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t-  Ever felt that whenever you did something it’s never enough and if you did the same thing, there’s a problem? Fine then, do whatever you feel right and let things run it’s natural cause.

3. The word “no”– I’m here to tell you that it is okay to say NO. Don’t feel bad about it. The truth in life is that, you can not please everyone. While you do the best you can, say no when you can not.

4. Toxic relationships– I know you are not a Tree so if you don’t enjoy your relationship, leave! Staying in a toxic relationship builds resentments. Over time, you might give in and scream “blue murder”. Someone would get hurt.

Although it might be easier said than done, it’s better to bring such relationships to an end than to prolong it, thereby making it harder to walk away. There’s someone for you and “God don’t do toxic. God don’t do ugly”.

Mental, emotional, physical and psychological abuse is a big NO. You deserve so much better. Your “momma” did not go through life for you to be torn apart. Please, no!

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5. Be happy at all times– Not just for you, be happy for others. Life is not a bed of roses and it brings “shit-storms” on it’s own. While some days are better than others, cultivate that happy of being happy.

I promise you, the vibe you send forth when being happy is amazing, the entire universe will work in your favour. Being happy for others is almost the same, there are a ton of blessings attached to it.

I often read a poem called Desiderata– thanks to Mom. It made me understand that there would be greater and lesser people than myself. You must understand that we are not all created equally. Therefore you’d be vain or bitter if on a comparison quest.

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In that case, that jealousy thing is a waste of energy. Use that as an inspiration for better aspiration. The divine, God (or whoever you see Him to be), would make a 360 for your good. You’d be amazed at new achievements.

self love

6. Learn to give– Giving is an awesome experience. Usually, just like the law of gravity, in giving, you receive. I would not dwell on this richly as I would like to, because I’d write epistles. I promise you that the boomerang effect is second to none.

7. What do you make priority? As much as it’s amazing to give yourself to others and invest time in nurturing relationships, it’s important to know that you are priority. Your needs and feelings are important. If you are a parent, a lover, a child, an executive-whatever, make sure you make time for yourself. Read a book, travel often, have a moment to yourself. Invest in yourself. That’s is self love.

8. Fear– usually fear comes in different forms. Fear is actually a limitation. Break free from those shackles and face fear, head on. Don’t worry, victory is on the other side of fear. What is a comfort zone when compared to victory?

9. Do not take anyone for granted– I find this self explanatory.

10. Set reasonable goals– Set attainable and realistic goals. Goals that must be met without giving up. Endeavour not to be stagnant as the world is evolving. You have to grow. Set decent goals and make sure to match them.

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