Woman sues Sephora claiming she contracted Herpes

Woman sues Sephora claiming she contracted Herpes

Internet is going agog and it’s Sephora. Hold up off Sephora, quick question. Sexually transmitted disease from a “sample” lipstick?

Do you share makeup/ Lipstick?

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Californian woman is suing Sephora, after using a sample tube of lipstick on display and contracted Herpes on her lips. From what looked like a cold sore, TMZ stated that the infection was diagnosed by medical professionals and prior to that day- October 2015 visit to the store, victim has never had Herpes or cold sore.

You can imagine reading up on Sephora cosmetics & product infecting someone with Herpes and not get rattled. The internet is going bonkas! It’s Sephora, do you know how many people share sample tubes and testers? It’s enough to stir a pot of messy beans and Litigation with this one. One infected person is all it’s viral.

The Lawsuit

The lawsuit filed by lawyer Robert Kransey, argues that the store failed to inform customers of the dangers of sharing sample  lipsticks and encourages the use of them by openly displaying them at the store.  Davoyan, the victim also believed that Sephora has not taken necessary measures to avoid transfer of STDs such as providing lipstick wand and sample swabs.

And Sephora

Sephora says that customer safety is their first concern when responding to the allegation. “While it is our policy not to comment on litigation, the health and safety of our clients is our foremost priority. We take product hygiene very seriously and we are dedicated to following best practices in our stores.”

Well, before anyone feels it’s ok to sue on negligence and failed duty of care on the part of the defendant, the “victim” should always look out for themselves first. Now you know not to use testers at the stores. I know y’all already know that.

Hearings in the case are scheduled for April, the suit seeks an unspecified amount of damages in excess of $25,000.

More grease to your Seph! Sigh..


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