Cheaper Dupes for Luxury Skincare Products

Cheaper Dupes for Luxury Skincare Products

Skincare Dupes with similar and/or exact results as the “luxury brands”

I have a question. Would you purchase a skincare or beauty product at an expensive rate when you know there is another product that gives that exact result or similar? Dupes?

I don’t believe in dupes and it is not always fun trying out new products but some skincare mavens have made it easier. I have go-to skincare brands and there are some that are fantastic (at a high cost) at doing exactly what the product label says.

Lately, I have discovered brands that are almost as good as these luxury brands and their skincare line offers same results.

Dupes are actually not knock-offs or inferior goods. It is also not a derogatory term. Dupes are products that offer same results as the expensive one. Have your loyalty to some brands? That’s not an issue. For instance, I am a huge lover of Obagi and this is because their products have helped my skin a great deal. They have amazing broad spectrum SPF, one of the best vitamin C Serums and Acne products.

When I couldn’t find them anymore where I live, I sought alternatives and it’s been great so far. I use them every now and again when I am out of town or when I find a dealer who ships.

Here are the recommended alternatives I have found to cater to my needs. I hope you find it useful.

1. Hand cream– The hands tell on you quickly. This is because it is the most exposed to different elements and harsh chemicals. Washing your hair or cleaning, doing chores and basically everything, the hand is the most punished part of the body. It is important to invest in a good hand cream and it does not have to be expensive.

When I’m not using O’Keffee Working Hands, I use other alternatives.

If you like Botanical Hydrators like “Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment” at $24, you’d love Ahava Mineral Handcream, $29 (for a pair). You can get one for a less expensive price too.

2. Vitamin C Serums– This is a serum of Vitamin C. It is a rich antioxidant and anti aging product which is essential for a brighter, healthy and radiant skin. I use it everyday so it runs out pretty fast.

Get your hands on Obagi Vitamin C serum (20%) and I promise you’ll have no regrets. I haven’t been able to use it for a while now, sadly. I found alternatives which offer SIMILAR results. I found alternatives, like Skinceuticals. The Skinceuticals range is OG and Paula’s Choice but OZ Naturals came through too. You can literally feel your face tighten after applying it. If you keep it in a dark place and away from air (the actual content), it will not oxidise quickly.

I have written about Vitamin C Serums and how unstable it is. I think it also contributes to the price too as the manufacturers take considerations of price vs quality and durability so you get value for your money. If Vitamin C serum oxidises, just chuck it in the bin. If you love Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Vitamin C serum at $165 (1oz), you’ll love OZ Naturals Vitamin C serum

3. Glycolic Acid Serums Glycolic Acid is great for exfoliating the skin. It comes from sugar crops and it is essential for improving skin’s texture, reducing lines and wrinkles stimulates collagen production in the skin.

If you love Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Acid serum ($90) which is an excellent product, you would love for $18

4. Micellar water – This is by far my fave type of dupe and the most popular. As a classic product and cult favourite, My go-to Micellar water is Bioderma and I buy in pairs (OCD problems). If you love Bioderma at $14.90 (16.7 fl. oz)which is relatively inexpensive, you’d love the ($6.79/13.5 oz) Micellar water is a skincare must have. It is great for cleansing and removing makeup. It’s success story is amazing!

5. Toners– Toners are liquid in form and usually applied after cleansing. This product prep the skin, balance the skin’s PH+, treats acne, firms, tones and tightens the skin. Thayers Witch Hazel Toner is unmatchable. I love Pixi’s exfoliating glow toner too. It’s a skin care holly grail.

If you love Toner (at £25), you will fall in love with The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution (£19) which is definitely more effective than Pixi, sorry!

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this useful. Have you tried any skincare dupes or otherwise? What is your fave?

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