Epsom Salt Foot Soak- Home Pedicure

Epsom Salt Foot Soak- Home Pedicure

Epsom salt foot soak with Tea Tree and Rose Mary Essential Oils.

Hey Guys, your girl had some Epsom salt for a while and it was bought with the intention of doing foot soaks, home pedicures and scrubby scrubs for my beautiful seasoned skin but somehow, those plans were procrastinated until forever.. not today.

Your feet are the foundation your body stands on. If you don’t have healthy feet, neither your body nor your health can truly stand upright. Most of us know we should wash and moisturize our feet, but one of the best ways to care for and pamper your feet is often ignored. That is, essential oils for foot health!

I find it pretty convenient to learn a thing or two so, on days I feel pretty lazy and not up to leaving home (almost always), I just do some quick fix and I’m happy to go. This came in handy for me. – Dermal MeDix

For this home spa- Pedicure, I used:

  • Epsom Salt
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Rose Mary Essential Oil
  • Cuticle remover
  • Small tub
  • Nail polish
  • Towel for pedis. Just dedicate one, but it’ll be solely for Pedicures
  • Foot file

Why Epsom salt?

Epsom salt

1/4 cup of Epsom salt (with Shea moisture & tropical Mango)

If you’ve read any of the blog posts on Epsom salt, you will see that it has a lot of benefits. From exfoliating to banishing callused feet. Thanks to the special healing properties of Magnesium sulphates found in Epsom salt. It helps with relieving aching muscles and the smell is fantastic! I could smell it completely through the box.

RoseMary Essential Oil

Epsom salt

The best RoseMary Essential Oil in the world. Pure & made by Edens Garden

Popularly known as an aromatic herb that tastes and smells so good in roasted lamb and potatoes, it is actually one of the most powerful herbs and essential oil on the planet. It is considered sacred by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Hebrews, it is used mostly for hair care however, a foot soak with RoseMary will soothe the skin and help heal muscle and joint ache.

P.S- “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.”- Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Epsom salt

Plant therapy makes the purest carrier oils and I chose this essential oil from the brand because it is kids safe

Everyone knows and loves Tea Tree. While I personally don’t use it for aromatherapy, it offers amazing benefits for the skin and I used this particularly to soften my feet and corns. Guys, it’s truly wonderful.

While there are other recipes that includes Lavender and peppermint essential oils, I have made this pretty simple, for my convenience.

How To Do A Foot Bath And Pedicure Using Epsom salt:

Ok baby, let’s get to the point.

In a foot bath or small tub, pour in lukewarm water to fill a quarter of it, atleast well above the ankles. I particularly prefer the lukewarm water more hot than cold; if you know what I mean

Put in 1/4 cups of Epsom salt in it and 4 drops each of Tea Tree and RoseMary Essential Oils.

Put feet into it for a decent 45 minutes. An option is to add some hot water if it’s running cold (the tub of water, taking cautions, like removing your feet while pouring and checking the temperature)

Epsom salt

The dead skin is lifted and seperated from the actual skin

When it seems like the dead skin is getting lifted, it’ll look white or pale. At this point, it is soft and ready to be exfoliated. Get the foot file (I got mines from Dr. Scholls. It’s pretty sturdy and gets the job done with no pressure. Ebeano Lekki stocks other types that are equally of good quality) and exfoliate the heels, top of toes and gently, the actual toes’ surface

Epsom salt

Foot file to the ankle and feet for exfoliating

You will notice the dead skin falling off and it could be nasty if you’re squeamish.

Epsom salt

Told y’all, you’d see the debris and dead skin once you exfoliate, following the instructions. Sorry for the gross picture. Yuck!!

The foot file would be used and the cuticle remover would be essential for removing soft cuticles that are on the surface on the nails. Removing lifted cuticles makes the application of nail polish easier and the look, smooth and clean.

Epsom salt

Foot file and cuticle remover

After the exfoliation is done and the dead skin is off the skin, the smooth, clean and bright baby skin will look dandy and ready to be pampered.

Epsom salt

The best foot creams with exfoliants. I went for the Glycolic Acid 12%. I’m an acid veteran

At this instance, dry the skin and apply whatever foot lotion you fancy. I had an option of Amlactin (Lactic Acid) Foot Repair and Alpha Skincare Extra Strength Deep Therapy Foot Creamy 12% Glycolic Acid. I went with the latter.

An extra touch to the foot soak and home Pedicure was to to use O’Keeffe’s Foot Cream to moisturize.

Epsom salt

O’Keeffe’s Foot Cream. Amazing product for dry and cracked feet. Healing restored after a fortnight

For Treatment, the last nail shop I visited had the attendant give me a treatment for the top of my toes and I happened to use today. No description or ingredients label but the direction for use was to apply on the surface of my toes. Hopefully, there will not be any reaction to this.

Epsom salt

Colourless and odourless. A short prayer for zero reactions

What pretty feet there would be if we polish them our favourite colours. I had a couple and some from Miniso, bought from the Spar, Lekki. Got the Barber Pink, Bright Pink and Berry. I was pleased. They turned out pretty.

Epsom salt

Getting pretty with Miniso

It took approximately one our to get done and a few minutes to get the polish dry. Overall, this was time, well spent and I’d be doing this again in two weeks.

Epsom salt

Before and after picture. Attention on the dead skin and without. Smooth!!!

It might be easier to go to the nail place to get it done, while you sit back and relax however, if you’re fussy like me and prefer a decent soak of salts and crystals, some cherry picked essential oils and a good scrub to your taste of texture, you will never go to the pedicure again after this process.

Thank you for reading.

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