Waist Trainer: The Unconventional

Waist Trainer: The Unconventional

The Waist Trainer

What is a Waist trainer?

When you first heard about waist trainers, what came to mind?

I figured it’d be anything that could tame the waist like to look tiny and achieve the hour -glass figure.

What I didn’t not know, was how incredibly tight and uncomfortable it’ll be.

You will end up looking really heavy on the boobs and you’d definitely look like you’re having a hard time breathing.

A Waist trainer or Cinchers or body forms or tight lacing or anything you call it these days, has the capacity to make your waist really tiny and so curvy that you can “strike” or induce naughty thoughts on when you’re looked on.

Lacing is another level of waist training which is extreme and unhealthy.

Think of having 2 ribs removed and then tight lacing for long lasting results. I actually think it’d be nice to try (for myself).

For your normal waist trainer, most people use that to work out or as an under garment, expecting to achieve an hour glass figure or atleast have a few inches off their normal waist line.

Everyone loves a tiny waist. It’s a very curvy look on anyone- Slim or voluptuous.

IT enhances looks and makes the body look appealing. All clothes look amazing in tinier mid sections.


Misconception and Myths on waist training. 

It’s 2017 (well, technically 2018 now), everyone is getting work done. I think it’s the best way to get a smaller waist and stress free- save for the recovery time of surgery.

I’m not advocating for that though, but with an open mind, if that’s what you’re thinking of and seeking better alternatives to waist training, I would get work. “I”, being the keyword.

IT goes..

Waist trainer

1. My perspective- most people live for waist trainers because of its ability to contract the tummy muscles, making it smaller in size.

This could automatically change as soon as it comes off but long term use can help reduce quantity of food consumed.

Trust and believe, you won’t be able to eat as much or drink much. I have a friend who waist trained and workout with them.

I almost screamed the last time I saw her & wondered what happened to her waist and tummy. Everything looked “tight”.

2. Most people believe it’s ability to actually have smaller waists (without working out).

Nope, it did not do nothing for me but I feel I should say- to obtain permanent results, you should speak to your doctor before you think of rocking it twice a day.

Another friend *sigh* lost 3inches off her waist and total body weight too.

3. Hello *side eye* *ahem* to those who feel using waist trainers are harmful to health.

Well I’d say you should choose the right size if waist training rocks your boat and ease your way into it.

Don’t go getting a brand new one and using it 12 hours a day. You’d be hurting.

4. Booboo, if it hurts, stop using them.

This should NOT be like working out where you scream “No pain, No gain” as you lift your upper body, Elbow to the knees in the name of sit ups and the pain reminds you of how cut you’d look after 8weeks.

No fam! When your back hurts or any part of you’re body, from waist training, discontinue use with immediate effect and high calamity. A waist trainer should not give you grief.

5. Again, sizing! You can get 2 inches off. However it’s important to know your body type.

Now, what works for you, might not be the same for me. Go with the flow. Choose the right size and be sexy!

When it doubt, would you rather drop down to a plank, waist train or cosmetic surgery?

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