Living Milia and Leaving Milia- Unpleasant Experience

Living Milia and Leaving Milia- Unpleasant Experience

Milia, can you be gone already, totally?

I have always been brave enough to try skincare products on my face and my face is always smooth and pretty…well until 2018, every breakout decided to play house on my skin. Welp!!!

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I didn’t think it was Milia..

You know how life is and you decide to do something different because, change… So I decided to try a new product (well, as usual), go on a 30 day green detox, cut my hair and adopt a Cleopatra lifestyle. Ok so my Greens arrive looking fresh and all.

I decided I didn’t want to get from the store so I could get value for the money paid. I had a lady deliver these from the North.. Kale, Baby Spinach, Celery, Collard Green and fruits. I had also ordered a few products, one came through while the rest, I’m hoping would come soon.

I’d say I started both (new skincare product and detoxing) almost simultaneously and I woke up to the biggest allergy I had ever seen. I honestly thought they were tiny measles. I was completely devastated and heartbroken. That is the reason I thought to write this. Good skin is key. It doesn’t need to be flawless or like glass (what’s that?). It just has to be good and I was willing to pay a good price to have close to half the skin I always had.


What Exactly Is Milia?

I would say Milia are those annoying tiny rash-like breakouts on the face with white heads. I experienced mine from my forehead then chin and then, a fast spread unto the entire face that was triggered from an allergy but you can read all about it on here and here. Mine started off as allergy and for dear life, I could figure what it was.

What Did I Do?

When the allergy was triggered, I immediately tried to retrace my steps. This meant the elimination method:

  • Stopped using skincare products I always used and new products were put on hold.
  • Practiced good housekeeping: Changing my beddings for the third time in the week, washing all my makeup tools and brushes.
  • The entire detox was kicked to the curb on week two (2).
  • Quit Tretinoin (I wanted to focus on one kind of breakout first please. Sigh)
  • Did an extra round of fumigation. Just incase there were invisible bugs


As you might already know, I exfoliate my skin enough; I only did it chemically this time, manually once a week. I also stopped fragranced Moisturisers. (My Instagram tells my skincare story, onwards). The simplest and barest.

My favourite was steaming my face by letting it into a huge bowl of warm water.

Luckily, doses of antihistamines helped a great deal in treating the allergies and now I’m dealing with Milia and it’s better by the day.

Another Yay, Milia can fade off by itself without seeing a dermatologist or doing anything else really although it might take weeks or months but chile, I cannot wait to get my skin back and not go ape$h!t on me anymore.


Week 1


Week 3

Until them, I’m still not trying to extract nothing. Just careful with my routines and adding products one after the other. Eating better now but I would be more mindful when sourcing from Leafy greens.

I actually think it looks better and I promise better skin days ahead. I need a facial, stat!!

If you find yourself living with Milia, you can see your dermatologist and don’t worry your pretty self, it goes by itself with proper care. It might take time and patience and your beauty but there are better days ahead.

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