The Green Apron and Pat’s thoughts

The Green Apron and Pat’s thoughts

Green Apron: Pat’s fitness journey has paid off real good.

He shares his fitness journey and goals in his other blog posts (link below). The Green Apron is a restaurant, by the way. From the look of it, I can tell it’s pretty decent.

I find it useful because looking good composes of the right things including eating healthy and looking after your skin. How do you incorporate that? A list of links are below for your pleasure.

How do you keep fit? Are workouts rigourous? Do you eat clean? Do you just on a diet-without working out? Don’t worry, the read is fun and direct. Eating clean doesn’t have to be so boring, trust me.

Green Apron

Credit: Discover Fitness NG

The best part is that you’d be able to make the best out of Vitamins, Fiber, Minerals and all the classes of food in a simple way- just throw in your favourite veggies and you’re good to go!

Let go of the boring conventional greens you hate and eat what you love without the “yuck”. Usually, a simple olive oil infused with garlic & herbs help reduce the factor.

Eating clean can be challenging for a lot of reasons -Lack of time e.t.c. Links below on blog for all things related to fitnes and good living.

Below are the links on healthy eating and more posts follow.

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A week with the Green Apron

Click on the image above to read all about it. You can be join the fit fam too.

Have you ever visited the Green Apron? It’s in Lagos and if you have, what do you want to share? Please leave comments below.

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