The reason why I don’t use Coconut oil on my skin

The reason why I don’t use Coconut oil on my skin

Two focuses: Coconut oil and Cleansers.

I was having a laugh about skincare products with a friend when she mentioned how much she loved her Cetaphil cleanser.

I had a mini panic attack. I asked her why she love it, she said it was a foaming cleanser!!!

I was mortified. She looked over my dresser and said well, you have Cerave and it’s a foamy cleanser. (I don’t even know if Cerave cleansers are foamy or not, I wish I had used one) I simply said to her, “those are lotions and Salicylic acid creams from Cerave..” and then *crickets*..*more crickets*..

Massive headache ..

“Sorry oh”, she said “I like it like that”.

The end.

Coconut oil

I love this so much, so I use it on my feet to get it so soft and exfoliated. Thanks to the Salicylic acid and 3 ceramides

Another unrelated story. This is me, as usual, reading stuff on the internet, checking blogs and “credible websites”, reviews, wishlists, “Best beauty buys”, “Beauty Must haves”, DIY body butters and the main carrier oil or one of the main ingredients being COCONUT OIL! Ugh… infact, “whipped coconut body butter” *weeps in clogged pores*

Let me just put it out there in the simplest way… There is nothing amazing about Cetaphil cleansers. I mean, you can use it, I am sure the brand makes a range of amazing skincare products but the cleanser.. oh that cleanser…

I am an advocate of “READ AND KNOW YOUR INGREDIENTS” and I know the importance of water in skincare products. Furthermore, I am big on the hierarchy of ingredients in a product’s list. The first five (5) being the most important and most concentrated.

R Example, if you buy a bottle of rose water, and actual rose water also known as ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER, is the first or second in the hierarchy of ingredient mentioned, you are getting the benefits of the hydrosol but if it the 7th in a list of 8; sweetheart, you might need to reconsider.

Back to the cleanser… I took a list of the ingredients it has: I see

  • Aqua- Water
  • Cetyl Alcohol- gives it its thickness and contains alcohol so it might be drying
  • Propylene Glycol- emulsifier and solubilizer
  • Butylparaben- Parabens I
  • Methylparaben- Paraben II
  • Propylparben- III
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- SLS
  • Stearyl Alcohol- Alcohol.

I see Water, three parabens, two alcohols and SLS.

If you’ve been following my IG page, you will find list of ingredients to avoid and I don’t know why every cell of hair on my head is raising alarm.

Being straight, these ingredients are drying.

If you asked me, I will tell you how shocked I am that brands have risen to become “cult favorites” and “must haves” when they should be used with caution.

If you love it so much, please follow with a very good moisturizer to give your skin the extra hydration it deserves.

Coconut oil.. I just love coconut oil. I love its taste, the flavor, the smell.. Matter of fact, I have the extra virgin coconut oil, cold fraction coconut oil and I have 3 of each.

I just love it so much, it’s incredible and sad at the same time, I don’t even use it as a moisturizer, just as a hand lotion so I can enjoy the smell of it.

If you read my post on beauty oils you will see where I had written about Coconut oil and its ability to clog your pores due to its occlusive properties and its unique ration of essential fatty acids.

This is the same for mineral oil e.g baby oil.

While all skin react differently to skincare products, you might not see the reaction now, but constant use might break you out or accelerate the aging process of the skin.

You might want to reconsider other uses of coconut oil. I still purchase them.. I just love them.

I have in the past, used them for body butters and have long switched to better oils.

Can I also let you know that coconut oil is water –free? Cold fractioned might be a better alternative type of coconut oil because the lauric acid in coconut oil is best used when the oil is in extract form.

If you use coconut oil as a moisturizer, well for you. Some use Cetaphil and swear by it, that’s ok.

Please know you are that one who got away, it is actually not for everyone.

Skin is different and would react differently to different products.

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