Homemade Coconut Body Butter | Ingredients list and sourcing links

Homemade Coconut Body Butter | Ingredients list and sourcing links

DiY source list for Homemade body butter.

If you read on Homemade body butter recipes, you’d notice a simple list of ingredients.


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Sourcing DIY equipments and utensils

Just the other day, a beautiful piece was written on the delicious Coconut body butter. I can’t still get over it’s yumminess.

Today is a little different though. Since y’all asked for it, I’ll do it. This post is regarding sourcing equipment and utensils for DIY days.

Well I’ll be a little frigid and dwell solely on  utensils for body butters. If you require more, please use the contact form on my home page.


The ingredients and utensils –

Residents in Nigeria:

Ingredients & Utensils-Coconut oil & butter
Pyrex Measuring Jug
Mixing Bowls

Kitchen Aid Processor /Mixers with the Whisk 

Storage jar from Jumia or Konga 

Alternatively you can order online and using the carousel above. These products would be delivered to you within 3 days. Interesting, how you can use these products for all diY lotions and butters and measuring. They’re pretty much Must Haves

Let me know what’s missing from the list provided . This is particularly for the Homemade Coconut Body Butter.

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