On PIH: A visit to the Aesthetician In Lekki

On PIH: A visit to the Aesthetician In Lekki

The Aesthetic Clinic was calling my name after numerous before and after pictures on Instagram with amazing results and the PIH on my feet didn’t bring me much joy. I thought!!

What Is PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)?

“Postinflammatory pigmentation is temporary pigmentation that follows injury (e.g. thermal burn) or inflammatory disorder of the skin (e.g. dermatitis, infection). It is mostly observed in darker skin types.”- Dermnet NZ

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After so many questions and enquiries on the reason I went to the Aesthetic Clinic and what the procedure was like, this blog post was made.

I didn’t actually go to get my face done, quite unlike the fantastic pictures on their Instagram post. Mine was to treat a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), on my feet; not legs.

I made sure I got there at 4:35pm, my appointment was at 5pm. After I settled in, I was given a questionnaire to fill. The questionnaire had basic information to populate: Name, Age group, Skincare routine, Allergies, medication, profession etc.

As soon I was done, the Aesthetician got me into the treatment room and I was told to lay on the bed, in assumption that I was in for a facial.

After explaning that I had what I know to be a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, I was told to take off my shoes and the questions began, regarding the probable cause and all. Seemed like I was being recorded but it didn’t matter.

Next off he touched, examined my toes and made mental notes. I’d say he was very professional.

Now let me just say that I’m a UK 9, US 12, IT 42 (shoe size) and I love pretty shoes. I made serious mistakes in the past, wearing ill fitted shoes and my love for pointy toe shoes didn’t help. No need to be very graphic. As a result, I had cons/ corns on my toes and the friction from wearing shoes ruined my feet. It caused trauma on my feet and I endured severe PIH.

Again, I tried using Salicylic acid by Dr Scholls which is an amazing product, but it (the Liquid) ended up spilling on other parts of my feet, causing severe burns. Infact if you’ve ever used that product, you must have suffered severe burns and discolouration.

After 10 years, I tried chemical peels to help and it worked tremendously until one day, it decided to go wild and ended up causing horrible dark patches on my skin due to the trauma and produced excess melanin which is the PIH.

On the Aesthetician examination, he confirmed that the skin had gone through trauma and produced excess melanin. I was told to give it two (2) months to get back to flip flopping and maybe a better visual. Yayyyy!!. I was told that I’d be given Retinol for resurfacing and then other procedures would follow which includes one that would inhibit excess melanin production on that area. So I know what that could be..haha


It was prescribed by the Aesthetician to be used twice a day, for two weeks. It’s at 0.05% . I left it to the experts, no?

I am guessing the plan is to return the skin back to its normal state before corn/con treatment, which is an excellent choice. Due to a rescheduling process by the company, I have waited over five weeks to continue but the area is looking great and the product which seems to be a Retinol (prescription, maybe), has gently exfoliated the skin surface, making it look brighter and better. This is a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, you have to truth the process and let a delay linger. If I say so myself


I have to make this last 2 weeks!!!! I just have to.

Frankly, I am well pleased and looking forward to my next appointment. It’s great to have accessible and relatively affordable Aesthetic Clinics in Lagos. It will save you a great deal of issues.

There are different reasons for PIH and all the trauma that comes with skin and skincare so always be open to discussing related issues with the Aesthetician or whatever reason you came for, allow them do their jobs as the experts and don’t forget to tell them what your expectations are. They’ll be honest with your goals.

I cannot wait to give an updated version of the procedure but I will just have to wait

Do you have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? How was it treated? Any other remedies?

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