Acne Treatment II: Advise and Remedies

Acne Treatment II: Advise and Remedies

On Acne treatment- This is a continuation of the previous post on Acne treament.

Initially, a little summary on Acne treatment was provided. Let’s get to treating Acne.

By now you already know acne can be treated at home- by self; or by a Dermatologist.

Quick question though? How well do you know your skin?! What’s its tolerance level with acids- like Salicylic acid?

You have to “understand” your skin before purchasing and slathering any type of product on it..obvs. As with knowing how your skin works and a simple but effective personal “skincare” regime, you’ve got a lethal combination to battle acne to hades. Hades?

Ready for the recommendations on Acne treatment? Let get right to it then!

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1. Cleansing – Banish acne with a good but mild cleanser for maximim benefits. You would not only be cleaning your face, you’d also be tackling acne head on. Remember! Nice and gentle, baby!!

How? Get thy skin wet with LUKE WARM water. That double delight your face enjoys -for cleaning and lifting. Hot water is a no-no because it can be too drying. When your face is wet, massage a mild cleanser on your face and neck. Rubbing or pulling on the face stretches it and sigh..hello Wrinkles! ?

2. Toning– 1 & 2 already reminds me of the other posts on “basic-skin-routine” and “Korean beauty routine to covet”. Yah! So you can tell importance of using skin Toners on the face. I do. not. ever. miss that after a bath. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner – alcohol free for you (awesome for DIY days).

How do you use a Toner? Get some cotton ball, put some Toner on it until it’s nice and a little damp. Use on the face. Recommended to do this both Morning and Evening after cleansing, paying attention to the areas of acne and pimples. Toners do an amazing job at balancing the PH level on your face (I’ll get to PH levels and acids on other posts) & taking off excess residue which the cleanser couldn’t effectively do.

Acne treatment

The Ordinary at 1% Advanced Retinol

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3. Benzoyl Peroxide- for mild acne, this works just fine. Benzoyl Peroxide helps fight bacteria that causes those zits! This can be found in creams or gels as a topical treatment for acne. Topical antibiotics or sulphur medicated both make an enemy to acne.

4. Exfoliation – this is a beauty regimen you must get used to. There are layers of dead skin on the body and face, clogging pores and doing the most. Ugh! Get rid of it quick. Allow fresh skin to renegerate (Oh, Olay) and you would glow too!!

How? For the purposes of acne treatment, get a product with Salicylic acid. Topical treatment of Salicylic acid is a fantastic way to get rid of acne. It attacks the skin’s glue; yep, glue and it penetrates the outer layer of the skin, allowing the molecules in the acid to work from the inside out.

It can be found as an ingredient in some skin care products. No prescription is required for this type. Salicylic acid can be found in cleansers and toners. As an excellent treatment for acne, use this on a pimple or zit at night & sometimes in the morning. It can be effective after one night of application, depending on the skin. It goes beyond the surface, reduces skin’s sebum (refer to former post) and unclogs skin pores especially because it is oil soluble. (Oil and water do not mix, right?).

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Retinoids; Retin A  (Tretinoin) is a prescription medication for acne treatment. Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A and it is best used at night time as it increases skin’s sensitivity to sun. You really do not want to deal with sunburns. 

Always use a sunscreen when you are out in the sun. Retin A is a topical retinoid that helps reduce inflammatory mild to severe acne especially blackheads & white heads. Retin A is super because it speeds up cells turnover rates by exfoliating the skin and decreasing the build up of dead skin clogging the pores (you might want to read upon exfoliation)

4). When using Retin A to treat acne, the blackheads sticking to the skin is dissolved, thereby allowing the plug make its way to the surface to be purged out via exfoliation. Using Retin A is amazing however, skin may start ‘flaking’ (only for a while and this is not compulsory). You might want to stop using makeup when using Retin – A on the face. 

Adopt the vampire lifestyle and avoid the sun as much as possible.

5. Essential Oil– Tea Tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil (from the leaves of melaleuca), is an essential oil with this fresh, often mild camphoraceous aroma.

Acne treatment

My favourite OTC spot treatment

How? Combine Tea Tree Oil with Witch Hazel oil on a cotton swab and “introduce” it  to acne. Do not over use it as Tea Tree can be drying. Recommended ratio of Tea Tree Oil to With Hazel is 20:40. Don’t play!

A simple DIY recipe is ever helpful 

6Moisturise – Yes, moisturise!! Leave the skin dry, you trick the body. The body overproduces oil to protect the skin, causing more breakouts… & we’re back at numero uno.

These are effective for treating mild to severe acne.

Oh!!! that didn’t work?

See a Dermatologist– a recommended prescribed topical treatment would be provided with higher strength, often used supervised. A combination of Benzoyl Peroxide and a bacteria fighting antibiotic like Clindamycin can also be used in this instance. Surgery is an option especially for cysts. Tsk those big angry looking ones “pimple” that hurt sometimes. Sigh.


  1. Don’t touch or feel tempted to pop those zits.
  2. Maintain a healthy, clean lifestyle.
  3. Be consistent and patient. The skin heals every 4-6 weeks and a fresh skin resurfaces.
  4. Love your body. You live in it and it is all of you

We welcome suggestions on Acne treatment and questions.

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