Shocking Ways You Are Aging Your Skin

Shocking Ways You Are Aging Your Skin
  • Shocking Ways You Are Aging Your Skin

With skincare, the barrier between a great skincare product and flawless skin, is that you are actually aging your skin.

It is advisable to seek a good and quality range of skincare products to keep a radiant and supple youthful skin to combat the signs of skin aging but it’s a surprise to some to know that it’s only one habit preventing the skin of desire.

This website contains a few quality products and skincare range to choose from but you should also know the factors that can counteract your efforts. Read on..

1. Unhealthy Eating- Yeah, I know how nice food is, I’m a foodie myself. You can enjoy great meals by eating clean.

If you have read my post on skin foods, you’d know that the phrase “you are what you eat” is actually literal. Fancy eating unhealthy processed food, also known as junk, you’d notice the skin looking aged, dull and dry. Take a challenge with a friend, eat wholesome food, loaded with fibre, fatty acids and vitamins, you’d notice a healthier, supple, youthful looking skin.

2. Neglecting the Sunscreen– I have often stated how underrated sunscreens are. Sunscreen should be used ALL the time. Just like you dare not forget to deodorise. Forget saving some for the beach, the sun is everywhere. Preventing the skin from aging quickly can be done using a good quality sunscreen and Obagi is amazing with that. They make a broad spectrum SPF 50 which was what I always used until I couldn’t find a retailer in my neck of the woods. Focus on your face, neck and hands, they tell on you quickly.

3. Being a couch potato– I’m quite the introvert and I find myself locked in when I’m not working. It is excellent to give the body sometime to rest and recover but how inactive could you be?

Walk as much as you can, workout as much as possible. I don’t mean the hours but the frequency. Brisk walks, skips, anything to get some sweat out. The opposite of this affects the health and skin all together.

Working out is great for keeping the skin glowing and bright. Increased circulation, good relaxation are the few benefits of working out. The ripple effect is a supple Skin and quick cell turnover (repair and renew).

4. Downing the wrong liquid – What do you drink when you feel thirty or dehydrated? Water is actually very “sweet” and there is no drink as refreshing as water.

Lack of H20 leaves the skin very dehydrated. It also causes fine lines and wrinkles. This damage starts from within and before you see the outward signs of dehydration, the skin has taken its form.

Try synergy blends if water is too boring. Add some lemon for the zest!

5. Sleeping the wrong way– There are very comfortable ways to sleep. I sleep on my side and wake up on my side. It’s a conscious effort. Until I noticed more wrinkles on my sides.

Another wrong way to sleep, is on your stomach. There might be wrinkles formed as the head is pressed onto the pillow. We love Egyptian cottons too but it won’t save you.

It’s the uncomfortable way but I have heard beauty is pain lol- The recommended way is to sleep on your back. Sorry! Keep your face hydrated before you hit the sack, it would allow your skin to be moist and move freely before a wrinkle is seen.

6. Makeup– Don’t shout! I know. I love enhancing features with some good makeup but heavy makeup would clog the skin’s pores.

The worst ever, is sleeping with makeup on. Are you kidding me? No matter how tired you are, always always always clean your makeup friends, they’re not your best friends.

7. Using alternative skincare products- I have stated in a few posts that quality skincare products are a good investment for the skin. I have stated the pricey products does not guarantee quality.

Know your skin type. This will help improve your skin as you cannot use a Ferrari on an Ocean. Don’t use products for dry skin if you have oily skin.

Invest in brands with amazing skincare line such as Obagi, Mario Badescu, Corsx, Paula’s choice, Murad, Ahava, Cataphil, Cerave and Neutrogena to mention a few.


It’s your turn- There is a comment box below. Please give additional lifestyle and skincare tips to help achieve the desirable baby face and smooth, youthful skin. Thanks.

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