Moisturising Body Butter Recipe

Moisturising Body Butter Recipe

Let’s think of a fluffy, cloud like Body butter. So good and smells fantastic!! 

Hey guys,

Today, we would be sharing a simple but effective and insanely yummy recipe for the skin. Yes, you can have different recipes tailored after your taste.

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Sometimes your lotion has not got enough oil. Other times, it’d be nice to tweak some ingredients because you’re allergic them but it’s your favourite lotion so you won’t be letting that up.

Sometimes, you read on a super yummy recipe like this one and think “Yeah, I’ll try that”, and then sigh.. nothing is done about that. You know how that goes.

This recipe is yum yum yum. It is homemade and natural. You will definitely love it. Guess what? No beeswax or preservatives. It’s as good as food but please don’t eat it haha.

What is a body butter?

Body butter is just like lotion but it’s a really moisturising substance made of natural oils from seeds and nuts (such as cocoa, coconut, mango seeds or kukui nuts) (producing its thick popular feature, which we call butter). It is usually achieved by combining natural butters e.g, raw cocoa butter, Shea butter or Mango butter. Thankful for its moisturizing effect, it forms a barrier that protects the skin. I always recommend this if you find your skin is thinning out.

Difference between Body butters, Cremes & Lotions  

It’s kinda like a no brainer. As it is listed, so is the consistency and thickness. Lotion is recommended for those with oily skin. I’ll just give a brief summary because this is about that special recipe, right?

Body Butter
Body Butter -This is the thickest of the bunch and extremely  moisturising. It is made without water but carrier oils like Sweet Almond oil & essential fats from nuts and seeds like cocoa beans, coconut & mango. The butters are similar in consistency with that of the actual edible butters and the smell lasts longer. It is varies from textures to consistency depending on the way it is made. Essential fats are used for nourishment and carrier oils substitute water. It drives the ingredients into the skin. For extremely dry skin, it has met its cute. 
Creme- This is also thick but not as the body butter. It is technically whipped and contains ingredients such and butters, water, and water based actives such as hydrosols and aloe. Commercially made creams contain thickening agents like borax to accommodate mass production. Manufacturers delight themselves in beeswax. It is ideal for dry skin /combination skin.
Lotion -This is the lightest of them all and it contains more water. It is the letast moisturising of them all and the most easy to be absorbed. It contains water, right? Unlike butters and cremes that are ideal for the feet, elbows, knees and knuckles, Lotion is less moisturising and idea for the tummy, thighs and arms. It is suitable for oily skin.  

How do you actually make a body butter 

This is not usually a strict rule but I’m exceptionally putty for coconut oil and it’s ability to clog my pores *crying hot tears* something has got to kill a man lady, isn’t it? Guess who went overboard?

Here is the link for sourcing these ingredients & utensils 

Trust me, it smells divineeeeeee I don’t even mind if it clogs my skin, I’ll exfoliate tomorrow -I’ll always think.

Coconut Flavored Body Butter/ Whipped

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 2

Serving Size: Slather that goodness

Coconut Flavored Body Butter/ Whipped


  • 3/4 cup cocoa butter
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • Optional -Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E & Essential oil of choice


  1. Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl or in a double -boiler or heat resistance glass, carefully melt your butters in them, especially if they’re hard (as it might be winter at your ends) and oils until it is completely fluid and liquid. Note- Don’t melt the coconut oil first. It whips up real good when solid
  2. Ironically, you warm up to freeze aye? Put melted butters and oil in the freezer to form a hardened texture for about 15 minutes.
  3. Immediately the butters and oils are solid again, not completely hard and frozen, use a whisk/ Electric whisk or whatever you use to bake your cake -like a food processor (incase you can’t get a whisk yet).
  4. The fluff comes with the whisking. There you go? Use an electric mixer or wire whisk or Kitchen aid processor mixer and whisk for 6-8 minutes on high speed. Go in with a normal whisk and leave for 5 minute until it’s fluffy and soft.
  5. Put it into a beautiful jar and make some for a friend. It would last a decent time. Mine sinks right into the skin. It’s incredibly soft and non- greasy
  6. Store in a fridge if the temperature is warm.


You can mix and replace coconut oil with any oil of choice. These could be Almond Oil or Jojoba or Grapeseed oil. You can substitute Coconut oil with Shea Butter or Mango butter.


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