Best Essential Oil Cheatsheets | Top Essential Oil Synergies For Cold

Best Essential Oil Cheatsheets | Top Essential Oil Synergies For Cold

Essential Oil Cheatsheets : You won’t need to break the bank. Essential oils

Essential oil

Everyone should have the most multipurpose Essential Oils in homes. If not, I highly recommend you start making a collection. 

Basically, Essential Oils are liquid which are obtained from the plants they are extracted from. The distillation process of extraction preserves the richness of the oil obtained.

These oils are potent and natural, possessing its distinctive plant characteristics and strong aroma.

Essential oils are named after the plants they are extracted from; e.g- The Oil of Organo.

Essential oils are highly therapeutic and extremely beneficial for an all round well-being. They can be ingested, topically applied with a combination of Carrier Oils (undiluted use of Essential Oils can burn your skin or cause irritations) at the recommended ratio.

Essential oils

Aromatherapy Oil, Vanilla, Frangipani, Lemon, Rosemary, Aloe, Stevia, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rose Petals,

They are very natural oils, therefore, they can be used in cooking and applied directly on the skin. The use of Essential oils are inexhaustible and highly recommended as an alternative to oral medication. Oral, conventional medication has heightened an accelerated number of deaths while everyone and their mama have sought solace in nature: Herbs, seeds, plants and natural oils.

Note: Take into cognizance, the oils you swallow because one drop of Wintergreen (when swallowed) for example, is fatal.

First Hand Experience

Gosh, it was Thursday just the other day. I had been on my lonesome and so, I thought it’d be a fantastic idea to hang out with the girlies, let my hair down and have a good laugh. I guess the joke was on me.

Lo’ and Behold, guess who wakes up Friday Morning with that cold sore and sniffles, looking demented, sick, coughing and in extremely low in spirits? Yep, you guess right.

Essential oils

Nope, Looks like you :p

Luckily for me, my sister Pharmacist was right to it, nursing me. A look at the tablets got me so discouraged, I immediately remembered my oils.

Look, I have a healthy obsession with Essential Oils. Save for the fact that most of them smell so good and they are natural, my love for these oils go beyond all of those. I find that they provide me with optimum vitality, particularly because –

  1. They have the ability to make a 360 (in the positive) at uplifting moods.
  2. A majority of them are amazingly calming. Enter Lavender.
  3. They are awesome for the skin especially when used properly. That is Frankincense for anti aging, and treating age spots.
  4. Thanks to Rosemary (with Coconut Oil) for my thick hair.
  5. They provide excellent healing solution and properties. You can’t go wrong with the all purpose Tea Tree Oil. 
  6. You might want to increase your libido and improve energy levels with Sandalwood.
  7. Spiritual uplifting and awakening
  8. Enter Rose oil for radiantly glowing skin.
  9. Patchouli, Jasmine, Vetiver to protect myself from air pollution.
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Frankly, I could tell you tons of its benefits to me but I’ll save that for another day.

No matter how long my obsession has lived, I would only enjoy Essential Oils through aromatherapy. I could never ingest them. You should not too. Anyway, it is proven to be the best form of maximizing it’s benefits.  A whiff could be just enough.

Yeah, I just up in good time, set my diffusers and tabled these Essentials that worked wonders.

The warriors were:

Bulgarian Lavender
Tea Tree

—Culled directly from Eden’s Garden

The table does not contain Lemon grass & Rose Essential Oil. They are both excellent choices. You might want to consider warming up a few drops of Frankincense and Peppermint Oil between your palms, rub your neck and the heel of your feet to boost your immune system. 

Guess again, who was up and ready on Saturday for some catching up? YEP, you’re right again.

The healing was the fastest ever. All I had to do was sleep and breathe and have some hot soup. Zero oral medication!

This method is highly effective when you use a diffuser. That’s way, you cleanse your home, your space and loved ones effortlessly while relaxing in a blend of sweet aroma. 

P.S- Rose Oil & Orange Blossom for the skin.

My good ol’ diffuser ?

Essential Oils could be pricey so be mindful of your supply and don’t inhale toxic oil. It must be 100% natural or nothing. 

Favorites DIY recipes & Essential Oils- Full Article should be posted soon. 

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How do you treat the flu? What’s your favorite Essential oil?

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