How about a great complexion in this New Year and beyond

How about a great complexion in this New Year and beyond

Let’s talk about how to get a great complexion in 2018.

Again, skincare is ranking the tops. We have written about the beauty / Skincare Trends to watch for this year, 2018. Bare face, great complexion… let’s go!

The highlights focused on natural beautiful skin and bare face!!!


Now it’s no secret that eating clean and a simple skincare routine/ regimen using the right products would definitely get you a luminous and glowing skin, how would you know which one is right for you in achieving a great complexion and even skin tone?

Gladly, you all with gorgeous skin will be showing it off this year. Yaaaasssssss hunni xx. Skincare again is topping the beauty trends and I’m happy to recommend some products. You’ll get the skin you love.


Get the basic steps right and you are guaranteed to get the skin you love. All you need to do while using the right products are:

  • Cleanse
  • Correct (Toner)
  • Treat (Serums)
  • Hydrate (Moisturise)
  • Protect ( Sunscreen)


To do this effectively, you must first know your skin type by doing this simple but effective quiz.

Identify if there are skin problems.

Build a routine.

Enhance your features with light makeup.

Here are some of my Skin Care Kits for the major skin types and needs:

For Acne
great complexion

Cleansing Kit

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC


Facial Kits (The best of the Dead Sea)

Mix & Match Masks ❤️

Amazing for Acne 

Its your turn loves, how do we get a great complexion? What are your recommendations?

Otherwise, hold on tight. The Aurorian is building up something nice that would allow this small family have access to all the products at the “Shop” Section. This would be mainly on skincare, beauty and related products. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

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