The Indian Saffron Tumeric Body Polish

The Indian Saffron Tumeric Body Polish

Looking for an amazing exfoliating brightening body polish for a natural glowing skin, look no further than this Indian Saffron Tumeric Body Polish.

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The Indian Saffron Sugar Body Polish! Amazing scrub with numerous benefits for the skin

Who says manual exfoliation can’t be fun?

I have made different types of scrubs with all kinds of textures. Whipped, unwhipped, the mixing of sugar/ salt and oil (with the oil sinking to the bottom, giving all kinds of panic attacks and visions of death from slippery baths- no more of that stuff). This stands out!

I received a call from a client and she was so specific about her order. “I want a Tumeric Body Polish, and I am willing to pay any amount for that”, she said.

I am not sure if it was her firm request or the passion of going into the lab and creating a masterpiece but I went H.A.M. Only the best ingredients were sourced for.

Tumeric is a fantastic ingredient and major active in this recipe. It is full of antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and healing properties, most untold. It is popular for removing dark spots, healing the skin, rejuvenating, brightening and evening out the skin. With Tumeric, you’re guaranteed a naturally bright, glowing, soft, smooth and supple skin. It’s no wonder she was so apt in her order. She already knew!!!

Thandie Newton recently describes Tumeric as her secret weapon. You already know it is widely used in Ayurdevic skincare.


Skin Food!!!!! What are you feeding the skin with?

The Recipe

With all the utensils properly sanitized, I assembled

  • Tumeric powder and Tumeric Essential Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Avocado butter
  • Unrefined fine sugar

I am tempted to share the full recipe but I wouldn’t, I’m sorry. The main point is that I melted all the butter and oils, when it was at room temperature, I incorporated the actives and essential oil. I stirred to have this rich, lush, creamy body polish and it smells good too.

Now exfoliating can be fun. Thanks to the less scrubby texture. While sloughing away dead skin, you are feeding the skin with all the nourishment it requires. It immediately leaves your skin silky and smooth after first use. Recommended to use consistently.


One batch turned to multiple fresh batches and the lab was a serious mess but it was a good messy situation. I couldn’t be arsed.

It sold for 5,000 Naira for a full tub of 250ml. As cheap as chips, yeah? I love it. You can purchase yours from the Skincare Directory NG where it will be sold to everyone. Luckily for me, a few clients have taken most up, only a few left in stock.

You might be taken to the shop page if you click on any image.

Have fun exfoliating and glowing, I’m only a comment/ an email away.


I know!!!! I’m yet to update the label on the jar. Like I said, I didn’t know Tumeric would be made in all the batches. Pardon me. Clicking on any of the photos would take you to the shop page 👏🏻

Back soon xo

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