Top 5 Makeup For The Festivities

Top 5 Makeup For The Festivities

Makeup Essentials for the Season.

On Makeup: The Holidays are here and I’m not looking to make so much fuss about it. With a thousand events lined up for your entertainment, how prepared are you?

The Black factor– When in doubt, always wear black. Apart from being my favorite colour, it compliments my skin tone. I could be in all black everything and wouldn’t care if I looked a bit weird. Everything looks pretty in black.

Majorly, this is about getting your makeup ready for the festivities. There must be faves and holy grail makeups that would make the Holiday events go seamlessly without you reapplying, caking up the face and clogging the skin.

I am definitely that girl that would love her makeup staying put through the day no matter how many cocktails and appetisers have been enjoyed. Who wouldn’t?

Get that flattering and long lasting makeup look after spending hours beautifying yourself. These Holy grails promise you the best. Use the link below to get to the main store, and purchase the right products. Links are darker than the text (I guess), look properly, lav!


Everyone and their momma knows just how important Primers are. They have a holding power and are capable of achieving flawless  makeup looks, no matter how dark, vampy or subtle you prefer. For the best glow up and picture perfect makeup, the foundation must be right. Choose the right product and your makeup will last longer. Luckily, there are foundation primers, eyeshadow primers and lip primers on the market.    With oily skin, primers are best used all over the face. For combination (dry & oily) skin, try using primers on the T-zone areas (Forehead & nose-bridge). For dry skin, use very little primer, more moisturizers.

Again, for oily skin, you may want to try the or better still, at £5.50 from Amazon. Dry skin? That’s ok. Choose from or . Come over, with the combination skin, we have the found 2 perfect primers: , £24.00 & for £6.99.


Here is another Holy grail of makeups! Mascaras are incredible and I actually cannot do without these, even on days I’m “bare faced”. Save for eyeliners, they make your eyes pop, give it that extra oomph and are simply amazing. I only wear black mascaras, by the way. In all the Holy Grails of beauty products, I choose mascaras carefully. For days you choose to give your eyes a rest from false mink 3D lashes, Fibres are an awesome match. Just brush through your lashes in two coats and you’re glamorous. I recommend and . It comes in a case of 2 mascaras (gel & fibre) with an extra wand. They’re unbelievable. I had to get myself another as soon as I ran out & guess what? They don’t run down your eyes or dry out and are so easy to clean off



Hey beautiful!!! Eyeliners are a must. It gives the face a fantastic lift and you can choose what shape to wing it. If you prefer black eyeliners, you’re in luck! These ones won’t run down your eyes or around your lids. All waterproof like the mascaras recommended above. Here is – Intense Black and , Black too.


Bring on the drama with these bad boys. Nude or Red, Lipsticks are the fire!!! What could be your preference? Mine is determined by mood. I love love loveeeeeee bright coloured lippies because they make my skin appear bright and I look super vibrant.  With the season now, I prefer liquid lipsticks and I’ll rock a Matte one in the summer of spring but I don’t want my lips drying up on me. Liquids lipsticks are moisturising and dry up, matte but not super matte- do you know what I mean? Get the pigmented ones for a cheerful and vibrant look with by Bare Minerals. The collection are still quite fancy. I have a collection and my   Faves are Flirty & Sedation.

Holy grails


If you haven’t used one, you might not be able to tell the difference but if you’ve used one, ever, you know this little spritz around your face works wonders for locking in and keeping your makeup all day without touching up or reapplying. Why should this make the list of make up Holy grail?When your lipstick, eyeliner, primer and mascaras are used, a great facial spray is a must! I’ve used a ton in the past with unsatisfactory results and some are just to hydrate. To keep your makeup locked in and well set, a setting spray is what you require. Another $10/ under £10 wonder is here with . It’s hard to find because everyone wants it. You might want to use the link above, direct to the store and they ship worldwide. If you love Elf brands, they have a great setting spray which is inexpensive. Smashbox is also always a winner. I recommend, and Cover FX’s Mattifying Spray.


What are your make up Holy grail/ Must haves? How do you plan to work your makeup this holiday? For more on this, Subscribe to this blog

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