Organic Carrier Oils: The best Organic carrier oils for skin

Organic Carrier Oils: The best Organic carrier oils for skin

What are carrier oils? There are all kinds of oils on the market today but this article focuses on Organic carrier oils.

Oils obtained from the fatty portion of a plant is a carrier oil known as vegetable oil. Carrier Oils when applied to the body (topical application) are known as vegetable oils and should be in their purest form for added advantage.

They can be used to dilute essential oils prior to topical application. These vegetable oils are obtained from seeds, nuts and kernels. The nature of these oils are natural and differ from essential oils.

Essential oils should not be applied to the skin undiluted. It can cause severe irritations and burns. 

Not all fixed or base oil are vegetable oil but all vegetable oil could be fixed or based.

Organic carrier oils can go rancid and have different shelf lives so be mindful when purchasing. These oils are cold pressed and good enough to be applied directly on the skin although they have different natures and therapeutic nomenclature.

Organic carrier oils

Carrier oils include

Sweet Almond Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil
Argan Oil
Avocado Oil
Camellia seed Oil
Castor Oil
Coconut Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil
Olive Oil
Neem Oil
Rosehip Oil
SeaBuck Thorne Berry Oil
Sesame Oil
Sunflower Oil
Tamanu Oil
Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil: I love this oil a lot. Contains: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D, E, F, Protein, Fatty Acids: Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleum, Linolenic. Uses: Food, Skincare, Cosmetics. Benefits/ Properties: Moisturising, Emollient, Regenerative, Stimulates SkinTissue, Do not Heat, Antioxidant Properties. Good for: Irritated Skin, Chaffing, Cracked Skin, Rough Skin, Wrinkles

Organic carrier oils are used for cooking and topical application (both hair and skin). These oils should be stored in bottles and kept in a cool dark place. Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) can extend the shelf life of a carrier oil when mixed. Power house, aye?

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There are also emu oil (from birds) and fishes (marine oils) which are fixed oils but not vegetable oil/ Organic carrier oils,therefore, they should not be used in aromatherapy with essential oil. 

Organic carrier oils
Factors should be considered when choosing these oils to cook or for topical application. I recommend extensive research to be made but these oils are amazing for a healthy glow as they nourish the skin.

I do not purchase lotions anymore. Not with my knowledge on Organic carrier oils (Rice bran oil is up my list of faves). At least not in forever and I am not tempted.

These oils leave my skin nice and supple and plump. One thing I’m sure is what exactly goes onto my skin. Not a bunch of chemicals drying and aging my skin. Do not sleep on Organic carrier oils.

Since we are talking Organic carrier oils, what is your favourite?

These Organic carrier oils are great for DIY body scrubs, cleaning, teeth whitening, cooking, healing etc. I will share a few recipes for you dolls.

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